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Friday, February 22, 2019

Best Seme List - Part Two #mustread #mmromance #yaoi #BL

Best Seme List - Part Two

Welcome to BRB, everyone! Today’s post is a continuation and the second part to my “Best Seme” list.

Just to reiterate, for those who didn’t read my first post…
After reading so many manga (yaoi, bara and BL) included, I wanted to compile a list of my all-time favourite semes, otherwise known as “the attacker” (the top or tachi). This doesn’t mean I don’t like the ukes: “the receiver” (the bottom or neko) but if the seme has a heart, is devoted and not a total prick, as many are, I’m a fan.

Now, other fans might question my choices. And, trust me, I don’t like rape (a common theme in yaoi); it’s unrealistic that the victim would ever come to fall for their rapist. Having said that, I admit some of the characters on my previous list weren’t wonderful in the beginning and treated the ukes badly, but I believe in redemption and there are several that did redeem themselves. This list is different; these men are sweethearts. And, I must mention, even though it’s not uncommon to see a big, gloriously handsome older seme, that isn’t always the case. Nowadays, the seme can be everything from introverted to unassuming, younger to a whiner, crybaby and small of stature. It’s a mixed bag. So, whatever your flavour, I’m positive there is a seme out there for you. :)

21. Factory Manager Maki (tough, blunt, has a flair for the overdramatic, and a total sweetheart). Konomi ja Naka to is a romantic comedy set in Fukuoka. After Yukinori's father collapses, he returns home to help run the family business, a welding shop. His incompetence and carelessness cause nothing but friction with Maki, who finds Yukinori frustrating. However, as Yukinori improves so does their relationship. Even though both men are eccentric that’s what makes them the most unlikely perfect couple.

22. Knight-Captain Leopold (chivalrous and loyal, but lacks confidence). Liebling (darling in German), is a romantic drama where two worlds collide, centuries past and the present, due to a blood curse. Knight-Captain Leopold deflects a spell and winds up in the present day, where he accidentally slices the chest of Taehoon. In the case of Leopold and Taehoon it isn’t love at first sight, but instead theirs’ is a relationship shaped by fate. Regardless of gender, age-gap, ethnic backgrounds and circumstance, eventually, they do care for one another. Leopold is a kind-hearted man, and when he does fall for Taehoon, his love is unconditional. This webcomic is thoroughly intriguing as the scenes flip between the past and present, becoming more intertwined with each chapter.

23. Brewer Shuusaku Nakagawa (icy cold, serious, difficult but committed). The Scent of Apple Blossoms is a three-volume slice of life romance in which Mutsuki Haruna, who works for an alcohol distribution company, is assigned to get a contract from sake producer: Wakatake Brewery. Mutsuki’s heard all about the intimidating master brewer and is reluctant to deal with him. But, he unexpectedly runs into the owner's handsome but aloof grandson, Shuusaku Nakagawa, and falls for him at first sight. The encounter annoys Shuusaku and displeases his grandfather, but regardless, Mutsuki continues undaunted to pursue both the elusive contract as well as the icy cold Shuusaku.

24.  Company Man Shinoda (mild-mannered, friendly and brilliant). Career Gate is a romantic drama with endearing characters. Ozaki, a project planner, works diligently every day in the hope he will achieve his dream: a pass to enter the “Career Gate”. Only the most successful in his line of work are granted access. While he and co-worker Shinoda put together a project, Ozaki struggles to hide his feelings for Shinoda. But what he doesn’t know is Shinoda is hiding something from him. This stand-alone manga is a good read, as Shinoda proves he doesn’t have to be a prick seme to fulfill his desires.

25. Mute Soohan (gentle, introverted, but strong when he needs to be). Intense is a dark dramatic romance that shows the grim reality of gang life and, what happens when a pair of young men with nothing to lose, triumph over their greatest fears. Jiwoon’s father commits suicide over a massive debt, leaving Jiwoon in the hands of the mafia. Raised in an abusive and unforgiving environment, he rarely speaks and does what he’s told to do. But when his boss ends up in jail, he’s banished to live in the red-light district, where he meets a mute Soohan. Jiwoon is immediately taken with Soohan; he’s attractive with a gentle nature. And he can’t stop staring at Soohan’s amazing eyes. Eventually, they strike up a rapport that turns intimate. But only weeks into their relationship Jiwoon’s boss gets out of jail, and the pair are forced apart. In desperation, Soohan follows his lover into the lion's den. Aside from Leopold, Soohan is the most courageous seme on this list.

26. Average Guy Makoto Kanekura (sincere and hard-working, but a touch na├»ve). In the romantic, smutty comedy Spend Wisely, Makoto Kanekura works hard every day to pay off a debt incurred by his father. Until loan shark, Manami Godai, who fronted the money, promises to hook him up with a lucrative job. He tells Makoto, every time he sleeps with him he’ll slash $300 off the debt. Makoto doesn’t care for the arrangement and fears the worst until Manami strips and confesses he’s a hardcore bottom. This story is a lot of fun, and although straight, Makoto can’t help but fall for Manami.

27. Manga Artist Yuzuru Hojyo (diligent, laid-back and a smooth talker). The Manga Artist’s Pen, is a light-hearted romance. Chiaki Haruno thought he got a position as a literary editor, but discovers he will be editing manga, and yaoi manga no less. Then when asked if he likes yaoi, he accidentally tells the manga artist, “Hell no!” After which he also tells the artist, he’s only doing it to get a transfer. Yuzuru doesn’t want to work with an editor who isn’t interested in the genre he writes or wants to use it as a stepping-stone, and Chiaki has to beg him to stay with the company. But Yuzuru's doesn’t let him off easy. Yuzuru is a handsome seme blessed with an adorable uke.

Well, that’s part two of my Best Seme list! Enjoy!
Happy Yaoi Hunting!

Blak Rayne

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