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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Tie Me, Untangle Me, Kiss Me and You're My Prince #reviews #mustread #yaoi #online

If you’re looking for a decent range of (mainly but not limited to current publications) manga translated into English then Renta! has you covered. They upload love, yaoi, romance, shojo, seinen, shonen and have Tatecomi comics. As I understand it, they translate the mangas before posting them live for purchase.
But I have to warn you, prices have increased, you can’t download purchases (PDF), and they do monitor reviews. They don’t like it if a story receives a critical analysis, especially if it’s due to taboo subject or poor story, so good luck finding many lower star reviews—they’re few and far between. Of course, this casts a questionable light over their business practices. Fact: good reviews boost sales. Another problem I’ve noticed as of late, there is the odd story where Renta! doesn’t publish the final chapter(s) (the story is dropped). I’m not sure why this happens, but it is noticeable when the missing chapters are found elsewhere. Anyway, those are my qualms with Renta! So, I’ve become picky. I refuse to make a purchase until the story is complete. But, then again, Renta! does seem to publish more up-and-coming and obscure works.
However, if you prefer to download an actual electronic file, which I do, companies such as Sublime, eManga and June will be more up your alley. They also offer print copies on select titles.
Tie Me, Untangle Me, Kiss Me by Emi Mitsuki is one of the better yaoi I’ve read on Renta! in a while. This story (shock-shock) is not about the sex. Instead, it concentrates on the friendship and making tough decisions in order to keep a promise. Three childhood friends Tsukasa, Ren and Kaito reunite as adults only to become caught up in a property development scam. And the situation soon turns complicated since neither can convince the other to do the right thing. The answers to their dilemma, their promise to one another and their feelings are put to the ultimate test, as Ren’s boss forces him into a corner. This yaoi has heart and an interesting plot, and that’s not to say there isn’t any romance or sex, there is, however, the relationship plays secondary to the main plot.
Another, less serious but equally as good, yaoi on Renta! is You’re My Princess by Hiroto Kujirada. Again, we’ve got the burgeoning high school romance, as the student council president Seima falls for the delinquent Itsumi who has a secret. This sweet story has its funny moments, the art is pretty, and the characters have their quirks. In particular, Seima, who comes across as this sarcastic but also fun-loving and intelligent guy. I think he’s a bit tweaked, almost eccentric in his mannerisms. But that’s what makes him unique and so damned endearing. I give both stories 5 Stars!

Blak Rayne

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