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Friday, May 25, 2018

Hammered and Pounded Ikuyasu #bookreviews #adult #yaoi #smut

Welcome to BRB, everyone!

If you’re looking for something smutty (adult) to read that has a half decent plot then I suggest most of the works by manga artist and author Ikuyasu. The characters are colourful, the art is pretty and the humour, executed perfectly.

Series Titles:            
Aigan Danshi Love Grow Up          Yaoi                2018
Gachiiki Chouhatsu Night             Smut, Yaoi     2016
Hatsujou Kemono Biyori                Yaoi                2017
Koitomo Triangle       Romance, Smut, Yaoi         2016
Minzoku - Tsugai no Unmei to Okite    Yaoi        2016
Momichupa Oppabu Time   Adult, Smut, Yaoi   2018
Ore ga Neko wo Kaburu no wo Yameta Riyu  Adult, Yaoi   2016
Supokon BL             Sports, Yaoi               2016
Tiger & Bunny dj - Escape Language        Doujinshi, Yaoi                     2011
Tiger & Bunny dj - Love Dock                    Doujinshi, Yaoi                     2012
Tiger & Bunny dj - Oji Linge                      Doujinshi, Yaoi                     2012
Tiger & Bunny dj - Reverse                         Doujinshi, Yaoi                     2011
Tiger & Bunny dj - Seduce Language

Hammered and Pounded (Gachiiki Chouhatsu Night) is a 214-page compilation of five short stories, and it’s my favourite out of this mangaka’s complete works to date. The plots aren’t necessarily new, any yaoi enthusiast has read them before, but Ikuyasu’s given them a fresh twist. The characters have charisma, they’re sexy and the reader can laugh along. Another quality is that the characters aren’t the typical yaoi effeminate or bara, they’re at a "perfect" in between; basically, each man is attractive with an average job and average life, scenarios the reader can appreciate.
Kensuke (left) and Matsui (right)
The first story Hammered and Pounded is the best. Kensuke (development) and Matsui (sales) are employees at the same company. One night, Kensuke invites his co-workers back to his place to shoot-the-shit and drink. But before they even get started, the other guys are called away and only Matsui is left. Kensuke is nervous because they’ve never been alone. Having little confidence, he’s always been a bit envious of Matsui for his good looks and athletic build. But, they start to talk, get stupid drunk then one thing leads to another and they have sex. By the end of the evening, Kensuke is in lust with Matsui, who he discovers is a decent guy. From there on they continue to have sex and spend time together and, gradually, Kensuke falls for Matsui. Kensuke’s internal dialogue is funny as he waxes and wanes between uncertainty as to whether they’re actually “together” or not. However, Matsui’s the real charmer as he acts totally oblivious but continually spoils Kensuke by bowing down to his every whim.
This two-part story with a bonus strip at the end of the manga is great!

Happy Yaoi Hunting!
Blak Rayne

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