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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Winners List! #MustRead #adultfiction #giveaway #winners

7:45 – Giveaway #40 - Blak Rayne - Apprentice Killers
Reaper Series Book 4
By Blak Rayne
‘Two for the price of one.’
When Brody receives a cryptic message from the newest of the Snuff program inductees, his memories are stirred. People and places, he hadn’t thought about in years awaken the most dormant of his emotions, and the present becomes blurred with the past. Not wanting to risk the life of the only person he cares about, he leaves Zeus behind to fight the pharmaceutical giant, for what he believes will be the last time.
To celebrate my newest release Apprentice Killers, which is available at Amazon, I will giveaway an eBook copy of Kiss the Reaper - Book One of my Reaper Series!
Leave a comment below, and visit this link to enter the giveaway: http://www.blakrayneblog.com

1st List: Hi Everyone, thanks so much for leaving your comments. I've decided to give away two copies of Kiss the Reaper for this list:: Tamara Kasyan and Blaire Johnson! Please send me your emails, thanks!

2nd List: Thanks for commenting, everyone! I will give away one more copy of Kiss the Reaper, and the winner for this list is Jenny Chlipala! Please email me for the book!

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