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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Haikyuu!! The Crows Have It! #review #sports #anime #Haikyu

Welcome to BRB, everyone!

I know someone out there is probably wondering why, aside from books, I post reviews on mangas, movies and animes. Well, I love writing reviews and I'm an author, and whenever I happen to come across a really good story, I think it should be shared. And it shouldn't matter who wrote it. 

I’m not big into sports stories, regardless of the medium. Period. So my list of “I would definitely watch again” is meager at best. My favourite sports are boxing, hockey and volleyball, the latter two of which I played in high school. Setting aside real life, I’ve started to watch a few sports animes: All Out (rugby), Yuri on Ice (figure skating), and Haikyuu (volleyball).
You can’t get any better than a story that makes you want to cheer one moment, swear the next, and then twists your stomach into an anxious knot. And Haikyuu wins hands down. That doesn’t mean Yuri on Ice is bad, it’s also a fantastic show, but for different reasons, and I will publish a post about it later this week. As for All Out, I have mixed feelings at this point. 
Haikyuu!! is the tale of a once powerhouse volleyball team that had gone to the nationals, but has now become the underdog. Shōyō Hinata, a junior in high school, who is short of stature, has enthusiasm for the sport like no one else around him. When he joins the Kurasuno High School team, he runs into his rival from middle school Tobio Kageyama. Once adversaries, now the pair must learn to work together. For Hinata, he believes that Kurasuno will win no matter what. And it’s his tenacity and drive that helps build a great team.
This story is well executed with a continual flux of highs and lows that leaves the viewer seriously questioning what will happen next. The author and artist Haruichi Furudate has done an excellent job with character development; each has just enough back-story, which is gradually revealed as the character evolves. Adding to the strong plot and unique cast, the show has an awesome soundtrack, and the perfect amount of much needed humourous moments. If you’ve ever played any sport or you're just willing to try something new then Haikyuu is for you! 

The Kurasuno Volleyball team is represented by crows; they wear black. A large group of crows is called a murder. I figure that's pretty self-explanitory. 😝

Happy Yaoi Hunting!
Blak Rayne

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