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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Double the Pleasure - Goodbye, My Dear Friend #bookreview #yaoi #manga #drama

Welcome to BRB, everyone!

Goodbye, My Dear Friend by artist and author Enzou is a touching story about one man who tries to bring another out of his awkwardly cold shell. Tatsuo is a makeup artist for a fashion photographer. He’s a friendly guy that gets along with everyone, except Hajime, the new hair stylist, a man who never smiles and never has anything nice to say. One morning, a model runs out of Hajime’s room crying, so Tatsuo has a long talk with him. He tells the hair stylist that he’s rude and antisocial and it isn’t right to act that way, especially with fellow employees or the woman he’s supposedly dating. As they talk, Tatsuo realizes Hajime hasn’t got any social skills; he doesn’t know how to treat others or act appropriately, and he doesn't have any friends. Being kind-hearted, Tatsuo decides, come hell or high water, he will become Hajime’s friend.
Aside from decent art and a simple but enticing plot, what I really like about this yaoi is the dialogue. Tatsuo is an unbelievably tolerant and understanding man, who graciously makes an effort to get to know Hajime. No matter how rude the guy is, he sticks around until he realizes his feelings have developed into more than friendship. Hajime is good-looking and super intelligent, but thanks to a lousy upbringing, he distances himself from everyone. Which means, he isn’t the typical uke. He certainly isn’t whiny, bitchy or a crybaby, and he isn’t a gullible pushover. On the contrary, he’s blunt, and doesn’t ask for anything until he begins to see how valuable their friendship is, and what Tatsuo’s companionship means to him.
I liked the honesty between the main characters. When Tatsuo is told to back off he does without question even though he’s dying emotionally on the inside. And once Hajime sorts out his feelings, he doesn’t waste time. With an excellent story, great characters, nice art and wonderful dialogue, along with pretty decent sex scenes Goodbye, My Dear Friend gets 5 stars!

The second story It Might Be Love is about Hajime’s older and just as socially dysfunctional brother Makoto. Makoto has always been compared to Hajime as inferior, and the constant belittling has demolished his self-confidence. Not to mention Hajime stole every person he’d ever wanted when they were young. This shorter story is equally as touching as Makoto strives to understand his emotions when he starts to date his subordinate Souta, from work. Souta is a happy-go-lucky, kind and faithful, and he has no problem boosting Makoto’s trampled ego. It Might Be Love is another really good story, and bonus after reading the first. Five stars!

Happy Yaoi Hunting!
Blak Rayne
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