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Monday, April 4, 2016

Black Sea - Underwater Thriller Review #movie #review #BlackSea #JudeLaw

Welcome to BRB, everyone! 

Since I haven't done a movie review in a long time, I thought what the heck. I received Black Sea from my uncle for Christmas. And I’ve been so crazy busy I haven’t had a chance to watch it until just the other night. My brain was fried. I’d spent a total of twelve hours between writing one novel and editing another, and needed something else to do. I didn’t want to think.
Anyway, here’s the thing. I’ve dipped my toe in the Northern Atlantic, and I can tell you she’s an angry ocean, deep and black and cold as the polar ice caps. And that kind darkness creeps me out, worse than any abandoned building, haunted house or graveyard, and one of the nastiest positions anyone can be in is stuck hundreds of kilometres below the surface inside a submarine. 
In my opinion, some of the best thrillers are underwater movies—U571, Hunt for Red October, Crimson Tide and Das Boot. And now my collection has increased by one with Black Sea.
Captain Robinson (Jude Law) worked eleven years for a marine salvage company when he is suddenly let go with a generic explanation and meagre severance package. Angry, he spends time with friends; they drink, et cetera, and he believes, just as they do, their lives have just gone down the toilet. When in walks his friend with an answer to all his prayers. His friend tells him the story about a sunken U-Boat in the depths of the Black Sea full of gold, and that he knows a man willing to pay him and a crew of his choosing to salvage the gold. 
Take a small crew of twelve men, all starved of money, mix in racial backgrounds and an inability to communicate properly, add greed and one whack-job and you get an engrossing thriller. Jude Law’s performance was excellent, and as for the other actors, I have no complaint. According to some reviewers, the script isn’t Oscar worthy and the thrills aren’t that thrilling, but then honestly, it’s all a matter of opinion. And, in mine, I’ve watched a hell of lot worse movies, which I could spend an hour listing. Anyway, we (my daughter, her boyfriend and my husband and I) were so caught up in the shit storm along with Jude Law, I cringed, clenched my jaw, and at one point I actually turned my face away. There is no sex or nudity, but, of course, a few F-bombs. Big deal. If you’re into maritime thrillers, I think you’ll find Black Sea is at the very least entertaining. Period. And as an author movies like this give me great ideas. 4 Stars!

Happy Yaoi Hunting!
Blak Rayne

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