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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Memnoch the Devil Review #bookreview #vampires #fiction #annerice

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I’m sorry but I won’t explain the plot for Memnoch the Devil. Instead, I prefer to give my review. To read a detailed synopsis of this novel, I suggest Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org
Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice is by far one of the most engrossing vampire stories I’ve read. But I can’t say I enjoyed the pages and pages of verbose description. Sometimes less is more, and in the case of this novel though I did take into consideration the time period and the author’s syntax, a little less would’ve made my reading experience considerably better. I’m not knocking Anne Rice. She is without a doubt a talented writer. But I would’ve been less inclined to skim through certain sections if the narrative hadn’t carried on and on. Which reminded me of The Killing Floor by Lee Child—loved Jack Reacher and the story, but probably thirty percent of the “I did this” and “I did that” wasn’t necessary. This isn’t to say I don’t do the same. My fantasy novels, well, my first book that is reaching completion, is much more descriptive with longer-winded sentences than the romances I’ve published. The way I see it, certain genres provide allowances and fantasy is one. But that doesn’t give the author a license to just ramble on like an idiot.
Anyway, setting my complaint aside, I must say that the character Lestat is unique, and I’m positive he will become an icon in vampiric literature, if he already isn’t. It was a treat to get inside his head, to feel his fear and confusion. His emotional dance with the devil, so-to-speak, and the devil’s retelling of history from his point of view to convince Lestat to join him as God’s adversary was enthralling, and perhaps a glimpse into Mrs. Rice’s own religious qualms. I read somewhere she was Catholic at one time, but due to the churches lack of support for her gay son, she turned her back on the religious institution. Well, whatever her reason, Lestat came across as her internal voice, a brilliant character that analyzed everything until it drove him to distraction. Regardless, he held my attention. And by the end, I’d grown quite fond of the internally twisted bloodsucker.
Unfortunately, this is the only novel of hers I’ve read. So when there were references to other people, places, and events from Lestat’s past, they held no meaning. But, it didn’t matter, Memnoch the Devil did just fine as a stand-alone read. 4 Stars!

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