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Monday, December 7, 2015

The Secret Santa Review #bookreview #gayromlit #mmromance #adultfiction

The Secret Santa
Pablo Michaels
ISBN: 978-0-9943462-8-5
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Welcome to BRB, everyone! 

Since it’s almost Christmas and I do enjoy the holidays, I thought I’d read a story with a seasonal theme. The Secret Santa by Pablo Michaels is a short sweet and romantic tale of two men, Devon and Peter, whose love life has become stale, due to their occupations. Peter, a salesman, works long brain-numbing hours in a department store, and Devon helps the needy. Both are, from what I gathered, middle-aged and living the average daily routine, all work and no play.
One morning Devon wakes to find a gorgeous scantily clad “secret Santa” standing in his bedroom—six-foot and sculpted like a Greek god—as the author describes. The self-proclaimed secret Santa who calls himself Erik has arrived just before Christmas to help Devon rejuvenate his love life.

The Secret Santa sends a positive message for monogamous relationships, as Devon remains wholly devoted to Peter even though Erik teases him sexually, almost on a daily basis. He honestly wants to restore his love life and takes Erik’s sage advice to heart. The author’s “revive our love” theme really inspired me as the reader, which made this short a fun and uplifting read. Also the description of all the delicious food made my stomach rumble; perhaps the author should’ve added a few recipes too! 5 stars!

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Blak Rayne

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