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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year! #newyear #year #2015 #welcome #fun #ebooks #reading #writing #books

Welcome to BRB, everyone! Happy New Year!!!! I know today is actually New Years eve, but I thought what the hey; it's better to be ahead rather than behind. I decided to get my lazy butt in gear and start posting again, or else I won't. That's one thing about authors, well, most of us, anyway. We'll spend hours, days, and even years in total seclusion happily scribbling away, but when it comes to our blogs, we *shrug*, content to pretend like they don't exist. Posting on my blog generally isn't on my to-do list, and it isn't because I'm not creative enough to find something to post, it's for the simple fact, I'm usually pressed for time. And in 2015 especially, time will be a very precious commodity, I can't waste. I've got too many books to finish and prep for publication. 

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and get the ball rolling, and invite you to join me in 2015 for more guest author posts, book and movie reviews, articles, and whatever else I think might be worth sharing. Have a safe and fun New Years!

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