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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Submissive After Dark: Menage Stories Excerpt - Cara Cane #adult #sex #explicit #menage #fiction #short stories

Welcome to BRB, everyone! Erotic author Cara Cane is back with another steamy excerpt. And when I say steamy, I mean the following is meant for adults only. Ouch that's hot! lol Thank you, Cara!

Submissive After Dark: 
Ménage Stories Excerpt

Ellie lifted a manicured hand to her face and made a slight adjustment to the blindfold that covered her eyes. The material was soft and velvety against her fingers.
"No peeking," Malcolm said.
It was a command, not a request. Ellie put the blindfold back in place so that it blocked her vision completely and lowered her hand back to her lap. She could feel heat radiating from her pussy. It had been teased mercilessly all night and was wet with need, exactly how Malcolm liked it.
As soon as they got in the car, he had shoved her tight, white dress up around her waist and ordered her to sit with her legs spread just in case he wanted to look at her while they drove. Being exposed to him in this way was arousing, and it was hard not to touch herself now.
"Will you at least give me a hint," Ellie asked. She let a finger twitch against her clit. "Please."
"No," Malcolm said. His voice was quiet but firm.
Ellie bit the inside of her cheek so that she wouldn't smile. As curious as she was, she wanted him to deny her. She liked the anticipation almost as much as she liked Malcolm's little surprises.
"You'll be pleased," he assured her.
Ellie didn't doubt him. Malcolm knew what she liked, sometimes even more than she did. She wondered how closely he was watching her. With the blindfold firmly in place, she couldn’t be sure. Ellie twitched her fingers again, making them brush harder against her clit. It felt so good. She bit back a moan and did it again.
"Did I say you could touch yourself?" Malcolm asked.
Ellie's hand froze. "No."
Malcolm made her wait for his response, but she knew what was coming next. She tried not to fidget in her seat.
"Ask for permission," Malcolm demanded.
"May I please touch myself?"
"Not yet."
The car started slowing down a few moments later. Ellie couldn’t see what was happening, but it felt as though they were turning. Or maybe Malcolm was just pulling over. The car came to an abrupt stop almost immediately. Had they arrived at their destination?
"You can touch yourself now," Malcolm said softly.
Ellie hesitated. She didn't know where they were. A parking lot? The side of the road? Someone might be able to see her, sitting in her seat, legs spread, dress bunched up around her waist. Malcolm would not warn her if someone approached. She was certain of it. He would let her touch herself while someone else watched. He had done it before.
"Do it," Malcolm said.
Ellie moved her fingers, allowing the tips to rub against her sensitive clit. It felt wonderful. She did it again, teasing herself until she forgot where she was or who might be watching.
"Good girl," Malcolm said. "You've wanted that, haven’t you?"
"Yes," Ellie breathed.
She tilted herself back in the seat and lifted her hips. Then, she slid her fingers down further, moving them to her tight slit. She was so wet. So ready. It would be easy to slide her fingers inside. She teased herself, rubbing the entrance of her pussy
"Do you want to be filled?" Malcolm asked.
"Yes, please."
"Spread your pussy apart. Wide."
Ellie did as she was told, using two hands to open herself up to him. She waited.
Malcolm slid the tip of a finger inside of her, and then another. He moved them in and out, gently. Ellie moaned. She wanted him to ram them into her pussy, to pound her to release, but he moved his fingers slowly. In and out. In and out. Just a centimeter at a time.
Ellie's need built. He could fuck her harder. He could be buried in her to the knuckles. She moved her hips, trying to force herself down on his fingers.
"That's a bad girl, Ellie. Haven’t I taught you patience?"
Malcolm withdrew his fingers from her pussy. She whimpered, wanting them back. She would do anything to get them back.
"Please," she begged. "I'll be good."
Malcolm shoved both fingers back in her pussy, ramming them deep. She squealed with pleasure as she took them. Her pussy was still being spread wide by her hands, and the feeling of his fingers being shoved into her wet, gaping hole was pure bliss. Ellie took every thrust that came after, doing her best to hold still as he finger-fucked her. She had almost reached her climax when Malcolm stopped suddenly and withdrew his fingers.
"Open your mouth," he said.
Ellie did as she was told. She felt his hand on her jaw. He parted her lips further and then shoved two of his fingers into her mouth. She could taste her own pussy on her tongue.
"Suck," Malcolm demanded.
Ellie sucked his fingers hard. Malcolm pushed his digits in further, and she took them. Her oral fixation was not a secret to him. She loved to suck cock, balls, fingers, pussy. Anything. If it came near her lips, she wanted to fuck it with her mouth. Malcolm took advantage of her fetish whenever he could.
"You like having that mouth filled, don't you?" Malcolm pulled his fingers out just long enough for her to choke out a yes and then shoved them back in again. "I'm going to make sure that mouth gets stuffed full tonight."
Ellie moaned around his fingers. She didn’t know what he had planned for her, but she was past the point of being curious. Whatever it was, she was more than ready to submit. Malcolm removed his fingers.
"Leave the blindfold on. I'll help you out of the car."
Ellie sat back into her seat and waited as he got out of the vehicle, came around to the passenger side, and opened her door. He had not adjusted her dress before doing any of this, and she was still bare to the waist--and to anyone who might be near the car. Ellie began to tug at the bottom of the dress, feeling the need to pull it down.
"Don’t you dare," Malcolm said. "You're going to walk into this place bare-assed so that everyone can see you."
"Why," Ellie asked.
"Because I want them to see what you have to offer."
Ellie shivered. What did that mean? Would someone else be fucking her tonight? Malcolm had only talked of sharing her before. He had never actually done it. Her pussy contracted. If that was what he was planning, she knew she would let him.
Malcolm took her hand and helped her to her feet. Ellie felt a cool night breeze tickle her most private places as she stepped from the car. She gave herself over to Malcolm, allowing him to guide her body where he wanted it to be. The car door shut with a thump.
Ellie heard a low wolf-whistle. Another man was out here with them, and he could see her. Malcolm tugged her arm suddenly, and they were moving. Toward the whistler? Away from him? Ellie wasn't sure. She followed blindly, wondering when, and if, Malcolm would permit her to remove the cover from her eyes.
There was a swooshing noise and the temperature of the air changed suddenly. Ellie could tell that they were inside of a building now. It was warm in here, and the light on the other side of her blindfold was brighter. The air smelled musky. Sensual music filled her ears, but that wasn't the only sound Ellie could hear. Someone, or perhaps more than one person, was moaning. The noises were soft, but constant.
Malcolm pulled her forward, taking her closer to the sex sounds. One of his hands was on her arm, the other firmly around her waist. He was gripping her tightly. Ellie wasn't sure if it was out of fear of her falling or merely to show everyone that she was his. Either way, she was grateful for his support.
They stopped walking quite suddenly. The music was still playing. Someone was fucking nearby. Ellie could hear the sound of panting, moaning, and skin on skin. She held her breath, listening. Malcolm's lips brushed against her ear.
"Soon that will be you," he whispered. "Open your mouth."
Ellie complied. Fingers were slipped between her lips. She could taste her pussy on them and knew they were Malcolm's.  He pressed into her from behind as he slid them deeper into her mouth. She sucked on them insistently.
His other hand wound around to the front of her body. He yanked on the front of her dress, pulling it down until her ample tits were exposed. At his insistence, she had not worn a bra tonight. Ellie moaned as his hands worked her bare breasts. He rubbed them hard, stopping only occasionally to squeeze her nipple between his finger and thumb.
Malcolm pulled his fingers from her mouth. Ellie bent her head, trying to keep them between her lips. But they were gone. She whimpered.
"What's the matter, baby?" Malcolm asked. His tone was sympathetic. "You need something to suck?"
Ellie nodded her head. "Yes. Please"
"How about some cock, baby? Do you want to suck a little cock?"
Malcolm raised a hand to her lips. Ellie opened her mouth wide, wanting to be filled.
"Does my baby need some cum in her mouth?" Malcolm asked.
"Yes," Ellie panted. "Please put cock in my mouth."
Malcolm lifted her slightly so that her feet dangled of the ground. He was carrying her, taking her somewhere. Ellie let her body go limp to show that she was ready to submit to his will.
A door opened and closed, and then Ellie was on her feet again. The blindfold was pulled from her eyes. She blinked and found herself standing in an empty, narrow room with nobody but Malcolm. The area was so small that it almost felt more like a hallway than an actual room.
"Where are we?" Ellie asked.

Malcolm put his hands on her waist and spun her body around so that she was facing the wall that had been behind her. The wall's surface was completely white and marred by nothing but four small holes set about three feet apart. A long, rigid cock protruded from each hole.

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