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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dirty Boys #sex #gay #men #adult #inspiration #love #mmromance #mm #gblt

With my post today, I decided to rediscover my roots. Find those things which provide me with most enjoyment and share them. And, sadly it's been a long time since I've shared anything. I pen gay romance, and so do many others. And, as I’m positive most of those other authors would agree, a bit of the old eye candy does help to inspire. In my case, it definitely helps to stimulate my brain and ignite my imagination–those images of dirty boys doing dirty things to one another, yum what a treat. I can’t say that any of the wild fetishes are a turn-on. Just give me a pair of horny guys going at it, and that’s all I need. The characters, plots, and steamy sex scenes rise like a flood. Love it! So, before I say goodbye and have a wonderful weekend, I hope you enjoy some of the sexy men I’ve found. And, I hope they help inspire you!

1 - From behind, doggie, is visually delectable, the curves of muscle and connection of one body to the other. 

2 - Wrapped in each others arms, to feel the strength and warmth of his body.

3 - Begging can be the sweetest turn-on.

4 - Lying on top, hands gripping, and kisses on the nape can make the skin tingle.

5 - Sucking from underneath, playing and making him groan.

6 - Deep penetration is the ultimate, to conquer and possess.

7 - Kissing, lips that are hot and moist all over every inch of flesh.

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