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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Speaking From Experience - Blak Rayne #meetup #authors #writing #ebooks #denisejaden

Speaking From Experience….

Welcome to BRB, everyone! As most of you are aware, I’m part of a local writers group, but there are also other groups and functions I do attend when time and life permits. Groups such as the Golden Ears Writers, author book signings, and hopefully the Surrey Writers Conference this year as well as the Gay Romance Northwest Meet-Up in the fall. I believe regardless the genre you pen, it’s good to meet other authors, network, share, listen and learn. Whether you’re level is novice or intermediate there’s always something new to gain.

Tonight, I listened to and met YA author Denise Jaden. Not my genre, but I still found her a stimulating guest speaker, full of ideas, and willing to answer any question. She was forthright, honest and knowledgeable. Even though what she had to say, I’ve heard before from others in the industry, she added her own twist, which made the evening worth it.

Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say, get involved. Meet others who share the same passion. Network. Contribute your ideas. In the end you may find inspiration. :)

I had wanted to share some photos with you, but unfortunately, I can't get them off my phone. My regular computer is in the shop, so I'm struggling with an older PC that doesn't have my phone software. :(

On another note, thank you to my fellow writers for the great Valentine’s bash on February 9! And thank you so much for bringing all the goodies, the excellent critiquing, and the laughter. My son and husband appreciate the leftovers. We had an interesting meet-up, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

 On Friday February 21st Jacqueline George will be back at BRB! I love your erotic stories, Jacqueline, can't wait!

Happy Yaoi Hunting!
Blak Rayne

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