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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sex And More Sex-Jacqueline George #freeread #sex #adult #fiction #article

How To Make Wild, Passionate Love To Your Man
By Jacqueline George
I often think about sex. To be honest, I think about sex all the time. Of course, it is usually a matter of sex with something else - I am not a man, after all. I think about romance and sex, about food and sex, dressing up and sex... It seems to get everywhere.
Of course, I think about sex when I write, but I mostly write fiction. I am a soft touch for interesting stories with happy endings, especially romantic stories, and that is what naturally rolls off my keyboard. I am one of the many thousands of authors with the same affliction (one of the best, of course!) In fact, there has been an avalanche of romantic, sexy fiction over the last few years. That is what most of us want to read, most of the time. I bet it outsells everything else at Amazon by several times.
Fine by me. I like writing about all sorts of things (except bloody vampires and zombies), so I can write about adventure, crime, travel, food. All the things I enjoy and - the cream on the pudding - I can mix in a generous helping of sex. That’s good, because I enjoy sex very much indeed.
There is something that bothers me about this rush of literary sex. I used to lie awake at night wondering how many people out there are very good at reading about sex but don’t have a clue when it comes to doing it. A little discreet research amongst friends suggested that things in the garden were not as rosy as they should be, so I sat down to write a serious book.
I tried to fill in the gap between our desires and the reality, between dreams and dullness. Yes, I know what you are thinking - another book about sex, littered with words like penis, vulva and preparatory stimulation.
Well, forget about all that. I want women to be able to steer sex in the directions they find rewarding. Not necessarily taking charge, unless they want to, but just making sure things happen that feel ecstatically good, last long enough, and give a good share of happy endings all around. Should be easy, really. It is what we are designed for but... Things get in the way. Some we can control, like timing, tiredness, kids; some we are less good at. Most of those involve women being absolutely hopeless at understanding men, mentally but also physically.
Look, this is stupid. Too many of us don’t have the first idea of what is going through a man’s mind. I have had women, apparently intelligent women, come up to me at book signings and say ‘I don’t need a book like that’. They even say it with their husbands looking forlornly over their shoulder with the expression of a puppy who has just been spanked.
Give me a break, ladies! If the book had been about baking or dancing the tango, you would never, ever say ‘I don’t need a book like that’. You would say ‘I’m sure I could learn something’ even if you secretly think your cakes or your dancing are pretty good.
So here is my Christmas present for you. How to make Wild, Passionate Love to your Man at a special price just for Blak’s readers. You can read the beginning of the book here. I have even added a free copy of Working for Jeremy to give you a few more ideas after you have finished with the serious stuff.
Have yourself a Very Merry Christmas, with lots and lots of Happy Endings for both of you!
Jacqueline lives in Far North Queensland, on the shore of the Coral Sea. She keeps herself busy with her cats and garden, and by writing books - some of which are far too naughty for her own good. You can find out more about Jacqueline and her books at www.jacquelinegeorgewriter.com


  1. Thanks for the opportunity, Blak. Readers can find the book plus the free gift at https://ganxy.com/i/88218/jacqueline-george/merry-christmas

    1. Oops sorry about that, I didn't post the correct link. :( You're welcome.

  2. No worries, mate (as we say down here...)