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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Erotic Encounters - Gemma Parkes

Hi Blak,
Thank you for having me over on your blog today to tell you all about my latest anthology! I have called it ‘Erotic Encounters’ and it contains four of my hottest stories including my best seller ‘The Slipper for Rose.’

Erotic, Spanking, Voyeurism, ménage, lesbian, restraint, adults only.

• The Slipper for Rose: Rose is a bad girl. Her college is tired of her anti-social behaviour. When a new master starts working there (Mr. Philips) he thinks he might just have the solution and set's about making it at once. It is only a matter of time before Rose finds herself locked in her master's office. Her behaviour, it seems, is a punishable offence, will she learn her lesson?
• Alice’s Initiation: When Tom first met Alice she was a sweet, virginal girl of twenty three who still lived at home with her parents. A virtue that sexual predator Tom found irresistible. He soon set about seducing Alice, taking his time to gain both her love and her trust. It wasn’t long however, before he tired of her chaste approach and encouraged her to join him in a whole new world of sexual experiences. Alice soon became a willing participant in her initiation process.
• In Lust with Lucy: Eve is tired of the mindless chatter at work about men and relationships. The object of her hidden desire is a colleague called Lucy. When Lucy calls round one evening and catches Eve in a compromising situation things turn more than a little steamy between them.
• Three’s Company? An unexpected ménage a trios brings thrills and excitement for two flat sharing young women. However, along with the excitement the experience brings with it much soul searching. And for one of the girls, it is an experience that will change her life forever.

Excerpt: (The Slipper for Rose)

Two weeks to the day after his arrival Mr. Philips, along with another member of staff heard a terrible commotion on the corridor outside the science block. They rushed out just in time to see Rose, with her hands full of black curls, shaking another girl and shouting very loudly in her face that if the girl had given her boyfriend head he would not have needed to get it from her. The teachers sighed before pulling the girls apart.

“I’ll deal with Rose.” Mr. Philips said, leaving his colleague to take away the shaken victim of Rose’s temper and attempt to calm her down.

“My office Rose.” he told her, turning swiftly on his heels knowing that she would follow him arrogantly.

Once inside and with the door locked safely behind them, Rose turned on the charm, her large blue eyes a picture of innocence.

“She attacked me.” she said looking incredulous.

Mr. Philips looked at her carefully. She was very pretty. Her perfect oval face sported full, pink lips and her blonde mane of hair tumbled untidily over her shoulders, it was as unruly as her nature. Rose certainly had a body to tempt any man, young or old, and she showed it off to him now, pushing her breasts outwards and leaning against his desk, her legs slightly apart. He felt his throat tighten. He had been patiently waiting for this moment.

“Did you sleep with that girl’s boyfriend?” he asked calmly.

Rose walked over to him swaying her hips and fixing him with a deep stare, “No,” she said, “I just blew him.” 

He groaned inwardly keeping his expression firm, “Are you sorry Rose?”

She laughed, tossing her head back so that her hair cascaded provocatively down her back. “Why should l be?” she licked her lips, “It was really good.” 

Mr. Philips stood up to his full height and looked Rose right in the eye. “If you want to remain in College,” he said sternly, “You will stop upsetting everybody.” 

Rose pouted and flounced towards the door.

“If l have need to bring you back here Rose,” he continued, “I will take matters much further, do you understand.”

“Whatever.” Rose replied. She closed his office door behind her and thought him the same as all the rest. All mouth and trousers she laughed to herself, especially the trouser part. She could do what she wanted; the college needed her fees and would never kick her out.

Mr. Philips breathed deeply and stared at the closed door; he reached inside his filing cabinet for his toolbox before taking out his electric screwdriver, two wooden blocks and some items he hadn’t used since his last post. Then removing his jacket and draping it carefully over the back of the chair he set to work at once. He knew in his gut that Rose would be back within the week. He wanted to be ready for her.
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Thanks for the great excerpt, Gemma! ~ Blak Rayne


  1. Thanks for having me over today Blak! l'm glad you liked the excerpt!

  2. I would really, really like to meet Gemma Parkes. Where does she produce all these stories from? I wonder if this is the voice of experience speaking...