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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Never Look Back - Tim Smith

“Never Look Back” by Tim Smith

Tag Line:

A former CIA spook and his lover are pulled into a deadly masquerade by a rogue agent from their past. Who will win?


Nick Seven and Felicia Hagens left the CIA to carve out an idyllic anonymous life in The Florida Keys. The last thing they wanted was to be used by their former employer as pawns in America’s war on terror. Nick and Felicia navigate a complex maze of intrigue and double-crosses while dealing with a rogue agent from their past who has a score to settle. When Felicia becomes part of the scheme the stakes get higher and more personal. Can Nick keep her out of harm’s way or will he finally be outwitted? Will Felicia stay with him or return to Barbados?


    Nick lay in bed trying to go to sleep, but after the evening’s events it wasn’t possible. He closed his eyes and slowly exhaled a relaxing breath. He opened his eyes when he felt Felicia’s hand gently running along his chest. He raised his head and looked over at her. Her eyes were open and she stared at him.
He sat up and leaned against the headboard. A wisp of moonlight shone through the open curtains and highlighted her soft brown eyes.
“Something wrong?” he asked.
She slowly shook her head while moving her hand down his torso. “Nothin’ wrong. I just don’t feel like sleepin’.”
“Want to talk about it?”
She scooted over then kissed him. “Don’t feel like talkin’, either.” She paused. “You saved me tonight—again.”
He put his hand on the back of her neck and pulled her in for a kiss. “You’re worth it.”
Her hand moved further south. “Seein’ you show your tough side makes me hot.”
She leaned in and kissed a light trail along his cheek while her fingers roamed the back of his neck. “I just feel so close to you,” she whispered. “When all hell broke loose you didn’t hesitate. You wanted to make sure I didn’t get hurt.”
Nick peered into her eyes. They gave off a soft glow in the dimness. He felt something inside, a warmth and a longing to bond with Felicia in the most intimate way, to make her a part of him. He gave her a deep kiss and felt her breasts moving against his chest and her hand fondling him into hardness.
“I’m feeling pretty close to you, too,” he said.
Felicia slithered down his body and took his hard-on into her mouth. She lovingly sucked him while her hand squeezed and stroked. The fingers of her other hand raked his chest. Nick moaned softly as Felicia got him fully hard. He wanted to pull her to him but knew this was her seduction. He reached down to play with her nipple, tweaking it between his fingers until it was hard and puckered. Felicia purred and sucked him harder and deeper, working her throat down his length. She teasingly ran the tip of her tongue along his swollen head, making him jerk and pulse.
Nick’s breathing rate accelerated. “I love it when you do that.” He opened his eyes and looked at Felicia’s head bobbing up and down, increasing his excitement.
“Felicia, I need you,” he panted.
Felicia straddled him, grasped his cock and placed it at her wet opening. Slowly, teasingly, she lowered herself onto him. When he was completely imbedded inside her she stopped, panting softly. She placed her open palms on Nick’s chest and began riding him in a steady rhythm.
“So damn hard,” she whispered.

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