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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The She Pirate's Captive - Rona Valiere

Welcome to BRB, sweeties! Everything is back to the autumn schedule, I'm assuming. I know I've returned to the grind. My son's back in classes. I'm happy for him and myself. *sighs with relief* The house will be much quieter, which allows me to write in peace. My guest today is a relatively new author from a new book publisher. It's great to have you here, Rona. And, what an awesome cover! Please tell us about yourself.
I write a variety of types of materials—fiction, nonfiction, romance/erotica, miscellanea, adults, kids—of course under a variety of names. I enjoy the diversity. Tell you about myself? Which of my many selves do you want to hear about? LOL.
I live with my Significant Other, who has never read any of my erotica but certainly has no problem with the fact that I write it. I love to cook, and when I'm not at my computer I am most frequently found in my kitchen. I'm a true workaholic. I raised one child, long since grown and gone, the product of a long-ago marriage. I usually have music playing on the stereo in my office—the nominal second bedroom of my condo apartment. When I'm writing, that music is usually classical, since it's instrumental and I can't write with vocal music playing.
Where and/or how do you find the greatest inspiration?
Ideas just occur to me—usually out of the blue. I don't know that there's a particular source for them. I have an overactive mind.
What made you chose to write m/f erotic literature in particular? And is there any other genre you’d like to write? And, if so, why?
Erotica is a popular genre, and naturally I like to write something that's going to actually be read. My fave genre, and the one for which I've written most (naturally not under this name) is nonfiction.
Which appears first when contemplating a new project: a character, the plot or the title?
Sometimes the lead character and sometimes the plot. Very rarely the title…though in my nonfiction work sometimes the title comes to me first.
What’s the hardest part of a novel for you to write: beginning, middle or end? Why?
The middle. I know the conflict and frequently know the resolution, and starting the book is easy-peasy, but often the middle part--getting from the opening and the conflict to the end without the story being either too short, too draggy, or too paddy is the tough part. At least for me.
Has your own life influenced your novels? If so, how?
I'm sure I've used bits and pieces of either my own life or my friends' lives, but usually no. THE EXCEPTION: The She-Pirate's Captive. My politics informed that one. I am unabashedly a feminist and, as such, I am dismayed at how many books there are in which women are submissive. SISTERS! WHAT HAVE WE BEEN FIGHTING FOR SINCE THE SEVENTIES?!!! In my real life, my personal life, I am neither a domineering or dominatrix type nor a submissive type. I am a true egalitarian. But hellfire! If I had to be one or the other I would sure as damn well be the top! No man is gonna make a submissive out of me! So to that extent, yes, my own life did influence at least that novel. I wrote it as my answer to 50 SHADES and all the other stuff that has women subservient to men,
Writing sex/romantic scenes can be a challenge for some authors. Do you find it difficult? If yes, how do you compensate? If no, where do you draw your inspiration?
I've been writing various forms of erotica and porn since 1969. The challenges are not to go stale and not to lapse into '80s-style porn.
Do you have a method you use to write the sensual parts? Do you prefer the sex to be open and bold? Or left to the imagination?
I guess I'm pretty frankly descriptive
Who is your favourite character, which you’ve created? And, why?
My favorite characters are two minor female characters I created in male/male books written under one of my other pseudonyms. They were  "characters" in BOTH senses of the word. One was an entertainer and the other a literary agent. Both were very distinctive. There's a little bit of myself I recognize in the literary agent.  I subsequently used the entertainer in another work I wrote, again a male/male in which she was not a lead character. These two characters came alive for me.
Tell us about your newest release.
May I tell you about a recent release that is not my newest? The She-Pirate's Captive details the adventures of Emma Chantzy, who sails aboard her father's ship till it is captured by pirates. She powerfully takes over the pirate ship and installs herself as captain. When the pirate ship catures another ship, she takes the captain of that ship as her personal sex slave.
It's available from Senzuri Books at:
Just for fun–
What is your favourite colour?
Which do you prefer a great hero or a great villain?
 Boo to villains. Most of my books don't have villains. The heroes face troubling circumstances rather than evil people. Isn't that the way it most often is in our real lives?
What is your favourite movie? And, why?
I haven't been to the movies in years!
If you could be anyone in the world who would it be? And, why?
There is no one in the world I would rather be than me.
Where do you see your writing career in the next five to ten years?
Probably more of the same—some nonfiction under my real name and some fiction under my various pseudonyms.
The She-Pirate's Captive
Twenty-year-old Emma Chantzy has lived aboard her father’s cargo ship since her mother’s death and, defying society’s rules for a proper young lady, hopes to someday captain the ship herself. But the Sea Mistress is overtaken by pirates, who kill Tom Chantzy and all the other men aboard, sparing only Emma, whom the captain has lascivious intentions toward. Turning the tables on the pirates, Emma shows them what she’s made of and kills off the leering captain and those other crew members of the Ruffian’s Beard who are foolish enough to try to overtake her. Finally she is the captain of a ship…but it is a pirate ship!
The pirates soon encounter and overtake another cargo vessel. Emma takes the captain, Danny Ipswich, as her captive, her intention being to have him satisfy her sexually on an ongoing basis. Her father had always warned her against having sex with crew members, but Emma is horny, and Danny can serve to pleasure her in whatever way she pleases. Over the course of the next few days she calls her captive to her cabin whenever she is desirous of sexual pleasures. Then, in short order, she is faced with a mutiny by some of her crew and with an onboard invasion by a government vessel. Can Emma prevail? And what will happen to her captive?
Emma looked him up and down. His unshaven face was handsome beneath his profuse beard, moustache, and sideburns. His green eyes glowed with life. His body, muscular and lithe, spoke of great strength. “You’ll do,” she said.
“Do for what?”
“I need a man to service my needs. My father taught me that it is bad business to dally with the crew members. It breeds insubordination in the men you allow to take pleasure with you and resentment on the part of the others. But you are a prisoner—my captive. You can do for me as I tell you, and it will not disrupt the smooth running of this ship.”
“I am to be at your pleasure to service your sexual needs?”
“You heard me right.”
“That is hardly fitting work for a ship’s captain.”
“You have no say in the matter,” she reminded him. “You are my captive. But I have a ship to run for now, so your services are not needed as yet. You may await me in the brig until I send for you.”
Danny Ipswich looked thoroughly befuddled. But he had no time to question her orders or intentions. With a “Lock him up!” aimed at two of the men, Emma summarily dismissed him and returned to captaining the ship. As the two pirates led the former captain away, Emma wheeled around to face the largest group of men gathered on the deck. “Does anyone else question my authority?” she challenged. Nobody did. “Remember that defying or refusing the captain’s orders, or trying to wrest control of the ship from the captain, is deemed mutiny. And I promise to deal harshly with any mutineers. Now get to work!”
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