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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Greetings folks. This is resident bad gal BLMorticia here with a writing post! WHAT? Wait hold the phone, you say. “You’re the one that’s supposed to do the smexy posts about…well, sex, getting all hot and bothered, with the pics, etc…” 

Okay, yes that’s true but in this writing biz, even the wicked gal has writing thoughts. Over this short period of time that we’ve (Michael, Shar, Rawiya, and I) have been writing, we’ve got the styles of writing and even plotlines nailed down.
Rawiya is the loving, sensitive muse. Will do m/m, m/f, mmf. Does Interracial only, mostly contemporary and is more likely to so an emotional piece. More fluff. *snicker*
Michael loves to do gay characters in mainstream plotlines. Will tackle historical, contemporaries, mysteries but only gay men already comfortable with their sexuality. In other words, Michael won’t do any men on the fence or even bi characters. He does gay romance, long winded too.
Sharita, who is the head, has a personal project to come that will hit the heart and gut.
And me, I’m the comical, smart arse! I do it all, eventually some f/f, all with humor. More one-liners in my work than the other muses. I can also do a little fluff, hence the My Lieutenant books but I mostly enjoy angsty pieces and or books with comical scenes. No, not Three Stooges, just characters that make you laugh. Besides that, I love some things the others might not do. Rawiya wants to touch on BDSM, Michael has done gunplay but I’d like to delve a little deeper. I’m intrigued by the darker and more sexual sides of my characters. The bad boys of metal who’ve got fetishes they can’t tell their homophobic friends, the military men who’ve got secrets and desires and are afraid to come out. Witches and shifters with serious issues, tattoos that tell stories or assist with certain powers. At the same time, I’ve got cowboys with disabilities but bad ass attitudes.
Ah yeah, I run the gamut which means the wicked gal does a little of everything but the key is snark and wickedness. *winks* Maybe my new tagline should be Get Down with the Sickness. LOL but I’m not sure what that would imply. Let’s face it, I follow my characters but I like the down and dirty better than anything. My next book, My Lieutenant 2 might be the last fluffy book I’ll do. Even though I love Nathan and Bryant, I enjoy snark, smart assery, AND the dirty in the same books. I look forward to taking the time to build that reputation.  
As I said, it ain’t easy but I’ll try to uphold my wicked reputation!

Officer Vanessa Daniels is fast approaching her 35th birthday which also happens to be on Valentine’s day. She seeks a specific kind of man to be her lover and likes being the one in the driver’s seat.
Jayson Freed is a bartender by day and a writer by night. He’s looking to find the right woman to help fulfill some of his inner most fantasies. The two meet on an internet dating site and immediately start talking. Will the connection work? Will Jayson turn out to be just what this hard nose girl needs?
A week and a half had passed and “Booklover” became Jayson Freed, an author who lived on the north side of Chicago in Lincoln Park neighborhood. He’d been working a little over two years as a part-time bartender at one of the up and coming restaurants/clubs called, Vision.
Jayson’s main profession included writing romance, ménages, kink, which I loved. His tastes in music were very similar to mine, a little bit of everything with a preference towards rock music. On the surface, he seemed to be exactly what I wanted, even without the background check. I felt like I already knew Jayson. The more I spoke with him, the more I wanted to take him.
Now, I’m ready to exchange phone numbers and get a lot closer to my seemingly perfect match. I needed to hear the voice that went along with all that smooth and sultry wordage we’d exchanged in the chat room. Being an author, of course he’d be able to turn me on. I could imagine speaking to him live would be even more of a treat.
Jayson left me an email saying to meet him tonight in the same room so we could talk a little more. I wrote back and told him lets chat by phone instead but he didn’t respond. I didn’t want to sound desperate, so I did what he asked and hoped he would want to do so after our talk tonight. I know I could’ve waited for the check to come back to get his digits but how would I be able to explain that when I called?
After devouring my leftover Chinese, I sat in front of my laptop, waiting for his message to pop up. The anticipation of meeting this man killed me. I hoped we could get this ball rolling once we’d had a couple of conversations by phone. Within a minute, the window popped with the link which I clicked on immediately. The chat started with the pleasantries and then he went “quiet.” I decided to just come out and say it. The worst he could say was, not right now, or flat out no. However, I thought we’d made enough of a connection that he’d go on and give me what I wanted. I had no reason to believe that he wouldn’t.
I typed in the words.
LawGirl: Hey. In my email earlier, I asked you if we could chat by phone. Can we exchange phone numbers?
BookLover: I saw that and was a little taken aback. Are you sure that you want to?
LawGirl: Why wouldn’t I be?
BookLover: Because, we’ve only been talking for about two weeks. I’m sorry. I’d been in a long term relationship for so long, I’m not aware of the rules these days. When I met my ex-fiancée, she didn’t give me her number till we’d been talking for about two months.
I had to laugh at that statement. Occasionally, you’ll find men like this that like to play by the rules. Obviously, Jayson’s outgoing personality came out in his books and not in his personal life.  I shook my head, and finished typing.
LawGirl: Well, I’m comfortable giving you mine now. Besides, I need to hear your sexy voice. The words you put on the page have gotta sound hotter coming from your mouth.
Booklover: *g* Maybe. You’re quite the charmer. Even though we’re in a private room, I don’t want to type it out.
LawGirl: I hear ya. Let me message you mine and I’ll call you okay?
BookLover: Okay Vanessa. I’ll look for that.
I stopped typing so I could click on his moniker. As I put in the digits, the nervousness grew a little. Finally, I’d be talking to the man that had me running home to my computer just about every night. Due to his late schedule at the club, he’d be getting home around two or three just as I did, since me and my partner were on third shift at the moment. I’d been primed and ready to talk with him as soon as I got in the door. Now, that we’re exchanging numbers, there wouldn’t be a need for the computer. Jayson and I would finally talk. Hopefully we’d continue the connection and become closer.
  BLMorticia is currently a published writer with Rebel Ink and Naughty Nights Press. Her first two novellas, My Lieutenant and Something Fresh Served Hot are Silver stars on All Romance Ebooks. She writes bi weekly for Red Lipstick Diaries and a column twice a month on BlakRayne Books. For more info, please visit, Erotica With Snark
Thanks for stopping by, BL! All the best with the book and whatever new projects are in store. ~ Blak Rayne