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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Cock? Dick? Penis? What is it?

Greetings friends! Your wicked gal is back with a post about cock…or is it dick…or penis? Have I got your attention yet?


Good. Okay so, what do YOU call it? When your hands touch yours or someone else’s you might say, dick or cock. Do you say the clinical word of penis? How about the word phallus? Oh and then the hard plastic thing you play with. What do you call that? A dong? A penis? A hard plastic cock? Who knows!

This conversation recently came up in the Facebook group I belong to with bunches of other erotica romance writers and fans, specifically fellow Red Lipstick Diaries author, Kharisma Rhayne. She mentioned how she overused the word cock in her WIPs I believe. I said it was okay to overuse the word because some of the other names for it don’t hold the same appeal. I mean, dick? It’s a name right? Short for Richard and when you’re talking about cock or dick you really don’t want to mention the length in the same sentence. I digress, I’ve used it though so moving along. *laughs*

How about member?

ACK! Member of what? Oh my God. I’ve seen it in books and I just cringe when I see it. It doesn’t take away my love for any story when I do read the word but I might twitch my nose or shrug a little.

How about phallus? I like the word but that too seems a little scientific. When I’ve mentioned the word it’s usually talking about a toy. *laughs*

How about manhood? I’ve used that. One of my editors doesn’t like that word either but I find that adequately describes a part of the male anatomy. I know Michael uses that a lot. *grins* He feels more comfortable with that than the word cock.

Lastly, the penis word. Umm, that’s the scientific term and usually the one we heard in health class in high school. When we did, everyone snickered, especially when our middle aged teacher said it. You as a parent might’ve used it when talking to your kids about sex. The penis goes into the ladies vagina… Oh boy. Did you turn red and feel embarrassed? Ask Sharita about that one when talking to her son. My point, I suppose in those situations, it’s perfectly fine but in erotica writing? Ummm…


I know I’ve struck a few chords with any erotica or romance writers out there reading this post. BL, what the hell do I say then? We’re taught not to use the same word twice!

So very true and that’s why I’ve deferred to some of my favorites that don’t include the ones that make me cringe.
Sword? Well, I rarely use that but it is an alternative. How about rod? Yep, I believe I’ve used that as well. It doesn’t sound too bad does it? She stroked his rod while their tongues tangled in a hot embrace. Okay, not too bad. Better than dick hmm?

Hardened muscle? All of us muses use that a lot. I mean, one of my editors said the cock isn’t a muscle but my argument is it swells when there’s pressure right? Kind of like your back or arm muscles when you exercise them? *laughs* So, I use that.

More? Length or spear. Okay, I haven’t really used that latter one. Hard flesh? More of a Michaelism, Michael Mandrake that is, since he’s so damn proper. Whatever we call it, it’s yummy and we erotic writers try our best to be unique and get our point across with whatever we use.

So writers take those suggestions and run with them. Readers, now you know our secrets and the dilemmas we go through to be different. Want more words? Check out this sex dictionary. Even some of these I’d never use because they made me cringe but for kicks have a look. http://www.sex-lexis.com/Sex-Dictionary/penis

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post about cock, penis, length… Whatever you call it, I hope it’s doing the job! *grins*

Officer Vanessa Daniels is fast approaching her 35th birthday which also happens to be on Valentine’s day. She seeks a specific kind of man to be her lover and likes being the one in the driver’s seat.
Jayson Freed is a bartender by day and a writer by night. He’s looking to find the right woman to help fulfill some of his inner most fantasies. The two meet on an internet dating site and immediately start talking. Will the connection work? Will Jayson turn out to be just what this hard nose girl needs?
I turned to face him and nodded. I had to agree and when you write as good as he does you need to be thinking clearly. “Well, I’d say you’re right Sir. You’re an awesome author so your logic is correct.”
“Well thank you, Vanessa.” Jayson flashed the wicked smile and I swear I melted on the spot. He cradled my chin in his palm. Our lips connected and tongues tangled sending a rush of heat between my thighs. The adrenaline traveled to all parts of my body making my nipples harden and my clit tingle. God this man had such an effect on me even in this short period of time. He dragged his hand over my leg, slowly hiking my skirt up while toying with the top of my thigh high stockings. I bit my lip and lay back while spreading my legs so he could get a better angle.
“You’re so beautiful, Vanessa. I’ve wanted to do this for a while.” He caressed my ankles while removing my heels. Jayson pressed his lips on the soles of my feet and traced parts with his tongue making this cop’s undies wet with my juices. “I can sense your arousal, Vanessa.” His throaty whisper caused my nipples to harden. As he pressed his finger against my clit, I closed my eyes, waiting for him to take over. The continuous thrusts from his long digits made me lose my breath and focus. In haste, I pulled my dress up over my head.
“Jayson, damnit.” My hands toyed with his brown strands as he continued his affections. A soft moan escaped my lips while he enjoyed the tastes of my sweet nectar through the silky material. Once he pulled my panties down, he swirled his tongue on my labia, giving it a quick suck, while toying with the small gold ring. Jayson penetrated me with his fingers and moved them around. Reacting to his moves, I squirmed and tugged his hair harder. “God yes!”
“The taste of you can make a man drunk with lust, Vanessa.” His three digits remained inside my hot pocket, probing and prodding me. Damn I want his cock inside of me.
“You wanna feel me don’t you?”
Jayson slowly removed his fingers from my moist sex. Hating the empty feeling, I whimpered, lifted my lids, and watched my hot man removing his shirt, revealing a gorgeous milky white chest with ripples in all the right places. His abdomen, not six pack but toned; a tattoo on his left breast and one leading from his navel to somewhere below his waistband that I couldn’t see just yet. Ogling him, I bit my lip and pinched my nips through my bra while he slid his slacks from his slim waist. “Wow.” I really enjoyed this small strip show. The man should be on the cover of magazines and letting everyone know how successful a beautiful man can be writing erotica, not hidden away. Too gorgeous!
“I could say the same about you, Vanessa. Why don’t I help you with that bra? I wanna see your luscious breasts and suck those nipples that resemble chocolate kisses.” His smile so was wicked it made me spurt on the spot.
Hope his couch has stain guard.
Jayson finished undressing then grabbed a condom from his wallet. “You wanna do the honors love?”
I nodded yes and agreed to the task. The lovely sight in front of me didn’t allow me to form words. I moved slightly to meet the head of his cock. Slowly I licked around it, enjoying the taste of pre-cum from the small slit. Jayson’s hardened muscle not huge but from what he lacked in length he made up for in girth; a beautiful vessel I couldn’t wait to have inside me. What did I say about control? Fuck that noise for now. I wanted this man in the worst way and I’d be sure to satisfy the need to be Miss Boss later.
As I fondled and sucked those delicious jewels between his legs, I slipped on the latex. Jayson’s skin tasted tangy and sweet. The moans coming from him, so damn sexy, I could feel my pussy throbbing with each sound of his voice. 
“Mhmm, Vanessa.” Jayson’s strong hand, gently tugged on my black curls. How did he know I loved my hair pulled? Oh yeah, I probably told him when we had phone sex. Still delighting in the tastes of his cock, I gazed up at my hot new man, waiting for his next command. His hazels met my gaze while he lightly pushed me down onto the couch. “I would carry you to the bedroom but, damn I can’t wait any longer.” Quickly, he slid my moist underwear from my ankles and tossed them aside.
I didn’t disagree. No more waiting, damnit. Him inside of this pussy is what I needed and craved. Within seconds, he hovered over me with the head of that gorgeous specimen nudging its way between my wet folds. One small push and I gasped, digging my nails into his shoulders. Fuck, it had been awhile. He’d need to shove a little harder. Almost instinctively, he did and it broke the barrier as if I were being deflowered again. Jayson started with a slow rhythm, penetrating me while nuzzling the space between my breasts. He used his teeth to lift my bra and I assisted him with it by removing it completely. Immediately, he pushed harder while licking the beads of sweat on my brown flesh. My fingers entangled in his brown locks. I wrapped my legs around his waist, meeting his thrusts.
“Damn.” I grit my teeth and pierced him with my fingertips. The pressure built in my abdomen. I needed to come so much sooner than later. He circled my areolas and traced them with the tip of his tongue.
“Vanessa, ooh shii…you feel amazing. Just hold on a little longer baby.” Jayson nuzzled my skin so more.
I braced myself as he asked and clenched my thighs together while I pressed into him. Lightly I bit his shoulder, tasting that milky flesh, the mixture of sweat and cologne excited my taste buds. The adrenaline flowed through me, nipples tensing with every suck, I couldn’t hold on anymore I needed to come. “Ungh, Jayson!”
“Yeah, I’m there with you baby,” he breathed and pressed his lips on top of mine. We moaned into each other’s embrace and in moments I felt the latex expand inside of me.
Again, I breathed in, clamping my pelvic muscles against his stiff cock. “Jesus!” While the trembles took over me, I engulfed his mouth and delighted in his kisses.
Finally, I’m in heaven with my new man where I’d dreamed of being. What could be more perfect than this?
BLMorticia is currently a published writer with Rebel Ink and Naughty Nights Press. Her first two novellas, My Lieutenant and Something Fresh Served Hot are Silver stars on All Romance Ebooks. She writes bi weekly for Red Lipstick Diaries and a column twice a month on Blak Rayne Books. For more info, please visit, Erotica With Snark

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  1. I have to admit any book loses me by being too creative with the word. Cock and dick, stick with the classics. Manhood*cringe*. Worst one ever.