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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Hello sweeties and welcome! How was your New Years? I'm glad to hear it. Hey, the telepathy is getting much better. Pretty soon I'll be able to bend spoons with my mind and watch HBO. LOL Today's author is Ann Raina - a fine lady and fellow eXtasy author. Welcome Ann!

Hello, I’m Ann Raina. I’m in my mid-forties now, happily married and a working mom with two teenage kids, who try quite a lot to keep me from writing. Sometimes successfully…

When did you know you wanted to become a writer?
I like to compare writing to painting. You start out simple, you try new techniques every time and then, slowly, deliberately, you find out that you’ve got a talent. I did not plan to become a writer. It just happened. It’s a part of my life I wouldn’t want to miss.

Who and/or what prompted you to write your first novel?
Blame it on Han Solo. I started writing fanfiction when the internet was still years away. My first novels were hand-written and dealt with the captain of the Millenium Falcon and his adventures aside from hanging out with Luke. Most of the time Han was in trouble, as you can guess.

Where and/or how do you find the greatest inspiration?
I can’t nail the moment, but when I finish one story, another idea lurks around the corner and I try to catch it. Sometimes a novel evolves, sometimes just a scene that might fit in somewhere later.

What made you chose to write erotic literature in particular? And is there any other genre you’d like to write? And if so, why?
The genre is fascinating and offers endless possibilities. I love to add a funny touch. Sex should be fun! Erotic literature is a combination of genres. My novels tend to take place on strange and far away planets. I write Science Fiction and Fantasy because here, too, there are no boundaries to my imagination.

Which appears first when contemplating a new project: A character, the plot and/or the title?
None of the above. I see a scene, I play around with it, I come up with some ideas to add to the scene. Then I take it to my muse and within the bouncing of how to combine A and B the characters and the plot develop. There was one book for which I had a wonderful opening scene – very nasty for the main character – and my muse simply ripped it apart, telling me about logic and that this would never happen the way I described it. I bowed to her reason. Within the novel, a side character developed so greatly, he became one of the leading characters in the end. And one of the most lovable. So, there is no telling in the beginning where the plot and the persons might end.

What’s the hardest part of a novel for you to write: Beginning, middle and/or end? Why?
I try to write continously from the beginning to the end. In most cases, I don’t succeed. Thanks to writing on a computer, I step into a new document if I want to write a scene that will appear later in the story. If I love to write the end first, I just do it. I follow my inspiration and hopefully, get all part together in the end. Some scenes are written in one great rush and are good, some scenes stumble and have to be completely re-written until I’m satisfied.

Writing sex/romantic scenes can be a challenge for some authors. Do you find it difficult? If yes, how do you compensate? If no, where do you draw your inspiration?
I try to read a lot. Different authors write romantic scenes differently. I avoid getting too graphic and I like the scenes to be joyful. If I don’t feel like describing the scene in full, I give hints. There is no reader without imagination.

Who is your favorite character, which you’ve created? And why?
My muse and I are fans of the sidekicks in my novels. They appear without being asked, they demand your attention and they help bringing the story along. I love Oliver from my first novel Freedom in Chains. He’s the one telling the main female character about doms and subs and that it is a lifestyle and nothing to frown about. And in No Fool – An Undercover Mission, Mrs Patricia Dellman plays the wealthy mid-fifty woman with very special interests when it comes to men and sex and everything in between. She’s very alive without letting herself be bound by social restrictions and behavior rules.

Can you tell us about your latest release? Give a synopsis.
My latest novel The Prophecy will be released on January 1st, 2012. The story starts with a shuttle crash on a distant planet. The captain, Tedathian, just wants to lift off with his people, but the natives consider him the reincarnation of a god and take him to their leader. Tedathian finds out that there’s much more trouble ahead than he had ever imagined while traveling through space…

What’s your newest WIP? And when we can expect a publication date?
I just started a new story, again a mix of Science Fiction and hot erotic moments, dealing with an escaping criminal, who is caught in a strange wood full of never before seen monsters. And both the police and other gangsters are on his heels… Since I don’t know how fast I will write, I can’t name a publication date yet.

Just for fun–
What is your favourite colour(s)?
I’m a fan of dark blue.

Which do you prefer a great hero or a great villain?
While writing I found out that a straight hero is never as exciting as a complicated villain. Take Vampire Diaries for example. Stephan might be great and a hero, but Damon with his dark touch is unpredictable and therefore more interesting.

What is your favourite movie, and why?
Just one movie? There are fifty at least! Okay, let’s try. The Lord of the Rings. Matrix. Blade Runner. Star Wars. All of them (and many more) are milestones of film making and story telling. And then there are the funny ones. Naked Gun. Life of Brian. Loaded Weapon. These are movies you laugh about even when watching them the twentieth time. They just make you feel good.

Where do you see your writing career in the next five to ten years?
Talking about a career would mean that I’m ambitious. I love to write, I love to entertain. And I love to read comments about my books, my style. I love the exchange of ideas with authors and readers. It’s great to have the possibility to bring stories to life. I guess, that’s what I want – use my imagination. It’s something no one can take away.

The Prophecy, Reincarnated

Will the Prophecy change Arion’s fate or just his own?

Worshipped, seduced, hunted – Ted’s life after the crash landing on Leroya turns out to be a fast rollercoaster ride with women lusting after his body, a ruler out for war and an empress with different goals of her own. Will Ted find a way out?

Excerpt 1

Yaladan, the ruler’s wife, has made up her mind to leave the planet Leroya with Tedathian, the stranded captain taken to be the Prophecy the people of Arion worhip. She comes to tell him of her plan:

Ted felt the woman slide under the covers. Her warm hands found his naked butt and, caressing him with experienced hands, she sighed. Sleeping naked still was a strange rule to follow, and Ted tried to ease away from her, but she followed his movements. Her warmth felt like a soft wind, very pleasant, very stimulating. He bit his lips to not simply follow her urge. It was all too easy.
Ted turned slowly, careful not to bump her with his elbow. She gave a soft mewling sound and continued caressing his naked side, not an improvement to stroking his butt. Now she had access to his intimate parts and thought he invited her. He caught her hand and let go the same second.
“Yaladan! By the angels and their naughty underwear! What are you doing here? You can’t stay! If the Haldru…”
“Be quiet.”
Ted obeyed, but pulled a cover over his naked body. Yaladan’s mouth twitched to a nasty grin.
“Do you think you have something I haven’t seen before?”
“It’s more like, what do you want from me? Hell, I’ve seen enough good looking men around here to fill a standard space ship! You don’t need me to fulfill your wishes.”
“And you know that in advance.”
“I do know that you are the wife of the Haldru or however you call it here if a man belongs to a woman, or the other way around. And I also know that you shouldn’t be with me at night. People might talk badly about you.” He met her eyes. She seemed absolutely calm, no, amused about his worries. “Your reputation as an impeccable wife of the most influential man on this planet will go down the drain if they learn about you…and me.”
“You imply that I want something from you.”
“Ah…” He realized she was still dressed and closed his gaping mouth.
“I see that some of your few brain cells returned to work. Let me explain my plan to you while this situation lasts.”
“You caressed my butt. How should I…”
“I will propose to the Haldru that I take you on a ride through Arion so that all people will learn of the Prophecy and his deeds.”
“Don’t say that you simply came here to talk. You’re under my cover.”
“On the way you’ll meet with the one man you mentioned, this engi…”
“My engineer, Kelmarr.”
“Thank you. And these other people you came with.”
“The Muldrans. How can you do that?”
“Do you mean that I’m calm about your fabulous naked body or taking you to your strange thing that can fly?”
Yaladan smiled and stroked his cheek. It was the moment he fell in love with her. She was so wonderful and kind he couldn’t help himself. When he bent to kiss her, she made it chaste as if she wasn’t ready for his amorous attention.
“After meeting with your people, our journey through the jungle will take a detour. Certainly, we have to lose the entourage on the way, but I’m sure you’ll manage that somehow.”
“And Nephren?”
“Do you have ambitions with him?”
“Me? No!” He knew he shouted too loud and quickly cleared his throat, glad that she couldn’t see him blush. “But he’s my daytime assistant and I don’t think that the Haldru will let us go without him. How can you be sure that he’ll agree with your plan anyway?”
She managed to shrug graciously though she was propped up on one elbow. “He’s obsessed with winning the battle. So he will do everything that will help this goal.”
“You played this back and forth before you got here, right?”
“I’d be a bad Haldrini if I hadn’t the brain for making plans.”
He still grabbed the cloth over the front of his body. “And those plans include slipping under my cover?”
“Does that upset you?”
“Shouldn’t it upset me to be in one room with the Haldrini at night?”
“We do have a very important conversation.”
“In my bed?”
“I went where you were.”
Her innocent look made him smile. “You are a very special woman.”
“You’re late to realize that, but thanks anyway. Do you agree with my plan?”
“When will we leave?”
“As soon as it can be arranged.”
There was a pause when only her eyes told him what she intended to do. He inhaled deeply, searching for something intelligent to say.
“Have you ever doubted Nephren to be a Noshehan?”
Yaladan gave him the look. She knew of his thoughts and that they had nothing to do with Nephren.
“The Haldrini chose to be here with you. Ease your troubled mind, my Prophecy.” Yaladan’s smile returned. “Do you have more and important questions tonight?” She opened her small pouch and took out two balls of Chamarí.
“I can’t think of one right now.”
“Good.” One of the balls slipped under the cover, ignoring the fact that Ted held tight to the cover. The other slithered over his naked chest. “Don’t fret, my wonderful Prophecy, they will do you no harm.”
“I heard that before.” He inched backward. The same moment, the Chamarí grew warm as it climbed higher. “How do you do that?”
“The Chamarí can be everything I want it to be. A necklace.” The silvery thing on his chest spread long and wound around Ted’s neck. “A bracelet.” The Chamarí quickly moved toward Ted’s upper arm and enclosed it firmly. The silver thread was suddenly covered with fine decorative lines like an expensive jewel.
“I get the meaning.”
“Oh, this was just the beginning.”
Ted knew at once what she meant. He would have been more positively impressed if the second Chamarí had not wound around his manly accessories. He opened his mouth to tell Yaladan to call it back, but couldn’t. The words stuck when the thread inched forward. The feeling the Chamarí caused was so wonderful he didn’t want it to end. There was no comparison to hands caressing him. The silver thread glided up and down, trailed around his cock and balls like no finger or tongue could. The stimulation drove him wild. He panted, digging his fingers into the cover. He realized that Yaladan had not yet taken off her clothes but watched his expression with amusement. He forgot about the other Chamarí at his arm until it flowed back across his chest. It felt like fresh, cool water and then not. Confusion clouded Ted’s mind. He tried to understand and failed while the Chamarí worked on his body with the clear intention to arouse him like no hands had done before.
He was taken so high so fast that he feared his heart to burst through his chest. It was painful to breathe. He laid back, his mouth open, his eyes closed. Though he didn’t want the sensation to end, he didn’t know if his body could take more.
The Chamarí glided across his shoulder toward his face. It was cool and pleasant as it lay across his eyes. Ted swallowed.
Warm lips touched his, softly. His hands reached out to find Yaladan’s bare arms and for a moment the thought frightened him that she had finally dropped her clothes. The Chamarí between his legs fell away and was replaced by Yaladan’s body. He wanted to say no. He wanted her to stay away from him. It couldn’t be right to sleep with the woman of the Haldru, no matter how liberal the standards on this planet might be.
She felt his reluctance.
“Remember, I came to you and there would be no force on this land that would make me share a bed with a man I don’t like.”
Ted panted so hard he saw dots in his vision. “You shouldn’t…”
She kissed him again, telling without words what she wanted and how much. Her body melted to his as if they were meant to never part again. She guided his cock inside her, moved with him, and fell into the rhythm of his body without hesitation.
If there had been any doubt why she had come, it was gone now.
The second Chamarí slipped from his eyes. He saw Yaladan’s face, blushed by desire, smiling at him, telling him without words to go on.
Tedathian turned with her and the single push got the pillows into motion, taking them both, still linked tightly together, down the sliding mountain of cloth. Yaladan giggled like a girl, even more when she saw Ted’s irritated expression. She buried her face at his chest, never losing contact. When he ended up upon here, she invited him with a sparkling glance to fulfill both their wishes.

Ann Raina ~
Wonderful excerpt and great cover, Ann! It was great to have you here today. I wish you the best of success for the future.
Happy Yaoi Hunting
Blak Rayne


  1. Hi Blak and Ann! Just stopped in to say hi and check out your newest release! I wish you lots of reader reviews with your sales! The story sounds great. I enjoy reading how other authors come to write, plot and name characters. Thanks for sharing! Stop by my place some time! Muah!