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Saturday, December 3, 2011


Character Interview: Jimmy LaCosta
(Model Joel Rush)
BL: Greetings fans! Welcome to this exclusive interview with another one of my snarky characters, Jimmy LaCosta from Something Fresh Served Hot part of my series with Rawiya, Something New on the Menu.
Jimmy: *sits and unbuttons coat*
BL: And here he is now. Sir, how are ya?
Jimmy: I’m good BL, just got in from the restaurant so I’m real sorry I’m a little late.
BL: That’s quite alright. So that we don’t give the readers too much info, tell me about the original Jimmy that we started with in the story. *crosses legs*
Jimmy:  *moistens lips* Nice legs BL. Anyway, Jimmy, before was more of a homophobe who didn’t know much about gay men being in love. I had a lot of crazy ideals about what a man should be and well, I know I was wrong.
BL: Thanks for the compliment by the way. So you changed your way of thinking?
Jimmy: Yes I did and I’m happy to say for the better.
BL: Fabulous. Tell me about the character opposite you, Alex Seidling.
Jimmy: He’s the boss, he’s smart, funny, a real wise ass. Loves sports and music like me. Has great taste in food.
BL: Oh and in this story, he schools you doesn’t he?
Jimmy: Of yeah, totally. *smiles wide* I learned real quick how screwed up I am in my thinking.
BL: Great and would you say there is a moral to this story?
Jimmy: *sits back and strokes chin* Most likely, not to be afraid to change or try something new in any facet of your life. Life is too short to be a close minded prick. I wish more people would realize that.
BL: Ditto, and lastly, tell me one thing about Jimmy LaCosta you want everyone to know.
Jimmy: Well, all throughout my life I been a man who stands up to what they believe in and I’m stubborn but I also know when to say that I might’ve been wrong and that’s important when trying to grow up and mature right?
BL: Indeed it is Jimmy, thanks so much for being here today and give Alex a manly hug for me.
Jimmy: I sure will and please folks, go check out the book.

Book One
Something Fresh Served Hot

A gay contemporary comedy which features a Chicago homophobe by the name of Jimmy LaCosta who works at a diner called the Greasy Spoon on the Northside of Chicago near Boys Town. While working, Jimmy meets the incoming manager, Alex Seidling, a young British man who his present boss is hiring to take his place as he retires. 

After the initial meeting in which Jimmy feels uncomfortable with Alex's stares, Jimmy cultivates a friendship with Alex which develops into something totally different than he himself expects. This shocks him and he tries to fight it but because of his growing feelings he decides to pursue it despite all of what he has been taught.

Will he do what his body wants? Will Alex accept his advances even though he will soon become Jimmy’s boss?

Excerpt PG

Later on in the day, I was making my way to the john when I noticed Alex sitting down in George’s office looking over some papers. I was on my way out of the place since my shift was over and my hot night with Zena was in the next hour.
When we exchanged glances, he waved his hand at me. “Jimmy, hey, can you step inside a moment, please?”
I exhaled before going into the small space and closed the door behind me. I had been in George’s office a little too many times for my taste so needless to say, when I went in I was a little nervous about talking to the new boss to be in here.
Still, I thought this to be the perfect time to let Mr. Seidling know my boat doesn’t float that way. Once I got in, I sat in the wooden chair in front of the desk.
“Hey, Jimmy. I was just looking over some things and it seems like you’re in need of a raise my friend. How could you just let George stiff you all these years?” Alex shook his head while still glancing at the large sheet of paper.
I cocked an eyebrow. He was definitely right about this observation.
Okay, maybe he ain’t so bad after all.
I ran my hand though my brown mane. “Well, I need the job and um…well, I make okay money, or…”
“No you don’t, Jimmy,” he interrupted. “At the last restaurant I managed, the top cook was making twenty-two bucks an hour. The owner felt it was necessary to pay him well because he kept the customers happy. Not to mention, he was quick, polite…”
I cut him off. “Wait, did you just say twenty-two dollars, an hour?”
Alex chuckled, “Yeah man. You’re only making fourteen. Dude, seriously, you’re getting robbed, yeah. I’ll make sure I let George know he should raise you up to at least eighteen effective immediately.”
My eyes bulged when he said that number. I was trying to keep my excitement in but I couldn’t help it. All the things I could do with making eighteen dollars an hour. A new car, a better apartment than the rat hole I was staying in, and damn, some better clothes. I may be a cook but I like to look good when I step out with the ladies.
“Gods Jimmy, I cannot believe George mimics the guy on that cartoon, what’s his name?” He looked up at the ceiling and snapped his fingers.
I laughed when I thought of my favorite show other than Sportscenter. “Spongebob and you’re talking about Krabs…he’s a tight wad.”
Alex giggled and placed the papers on the furniture in front of him. He locked his eyes with mine, making me a tad uncomfortable. “That show is hilarious.”
We shared a laugh and even though we seemed to be getting along great I had to remember why I was here.

Man, I did come in here to tell him something…oh yeah…

I nodded, “Yep, it’s full of laughs. Hey…um Alex…I was uh, noticing the eye you were giving me earlier.”
Alex raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Yeah?”
Suddenly, I froze. As much as I wanted to tell him to stop staring me down like a piece of meat, I thought twice about how to phrase it, especially since the guy told me that he’d be telling George to give me a four dollar raise. I sighed. “Um, yeah dude, was there a reason why you were looking at me like that?”
Alex smacked his lips together and rolled his eyes. “Oh Jimmy let’s not play games here. You know I was checkin’ you out and don’t tell me that you don’t go that way because I really don’t care that you do. Besides, it’s nothing wrong with looking. Just because I’m taking a gander at your tight fitting jeans to go along with the snug, black tee shirt that you have on, it doesn’t necessarily mean I want you.”
I leaned back in my chair and turned up my lip. “Oh yeah, then what would you call it?” I crossed my legs. I had to hear this.
“Well Jimmy consider this, when you look at a tasty dish that catches your eye on a menu does that mean you have to order it? And, in your terms, being the macho heterosexual that you are, do you go after every girl you see walking by? Maybe you do. Let’s just stick to the first example, yeah?”
This guy’s a card.
It was true what he was saying but then after he completed his sentence, I wondered why he didn’t want me. “Well damn, why don’t you find me attractive?”
“Oh Jimmy, I didn’t say that. I just don’t see why I should order you at this time. There are plenty of obvious reasons. The most important being that you’re so fucking manly it hurts. I can tell just by the way you walked in here that you’re trying way too hard to be a man.” Alex leaned back in his chair with a smug look on his face.
“What? That doesn’t make any sense.” I stuffed my hands in my pockets and looked at him sideways.
“Fuck Jimmy, when we were in the kitchen you weren’t wearing any mitts or using a towel to get hot buns out of the oven. Why? Because you think it might show you as weak. You’re probably one of those who watches sports shows, drinks beer, and puts your hand down your pants while scratching your balls with your legs wide open, just because you think that’s manly.” He put his hands up, signaling quotes. “Ugh, I know you’re your type, Jimmy LaCosta. The name fits you too, Italian American, yeah?”
What the fuck, why did he just read me like a book?

BL is currently a published writer with Rebel Ink and Naughty Nights Press. Her first two novellas, My Lieutenant and Something Fresh Served Hot will be due out in November. She writes bi weekly for Erotic Diaries with Rawiya and a column twice a month on Blak Rayne Books

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