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Monday, November 28, 2011


The True Interview-Author Imani True Stops by Blak Rayne’s Blog
In Her Own Words:
“Hi. I’m Camille, and I love watching people live out their fantasies. Don’t you?
No? Maybe that’s because you’re not watching the people I’m watching.
When I’m on the clock, I work very hard. But when I step out of these stilettos, I embrace my erotic side by peeking in on the fantasies of those bold enough to live them out. Sometimes my friends tell their own stories; other times, they allow me to be an invisible guest at their party.  Because of them, I’ve been “Turned On and Turned Out,” had an unexpected “Detour,” celebrated “Nika’s Birthday,” and scratched my “Sophomore Itch” - all in the same night. 

But enough talk.

Sit back and relax. Draw a bath, pour some wine, and imagine……….take a sneak peek into my naughty world, a place where I can be, do, say, and have whatever I desire at that moment. It’s an erotic buffet of sensual indulgence where fresh strawberries, the perfect pair of stilettos, and just the right amount of steam are always on the menu.
As you’ll see, I’m not shy. And I’m very good with a camera. So bring your appetite and imagination as my wildest fantasies unfold right before your eyes. 
And of course, you’re more than welcome to enter my world (if you dare), but consider yourself warned: in “Strawberries, Stilettos, and Steam,” my camera is always ready.
The question is….Are You?” ~Camille
So begins the adventures of Camille Stiletto, video voyeur and narrator in Strawberries, Stilettos, and Steam by Imani True and Dreama Skye.
Imani, tell us about yourself and your writing
I’ve been writing since I was six years old and always knew I would be a writer. I grew up in New York, went to college in the South, married, and moved out west to raise a family. Took a break from writing to do that, and go back to school. I’m recently divorced, and now that my son is on his own, I’m back doing what I love. It’s a beautiful thing!
Why Erotica?
Why not? I think everyone has an erotic side, a fantasy-driven part of their personality. Some live it, some deny it, and some experience through the actions of others. I write about it because I enjoy it, and it allows me the freedom to really express that part of me in an entertaining way.
Tell us about the characters in Strawberries, Stilettos, and Steam
Camille’s friends are male and female; married and single; best friends and total strangers. And everything in between. Lorena and Carlos christen a new house. Sasha and Rayne meet on a fictitious website called Erotic City, and they have an encounter. Judge Alisha is visited by a mystery man in black who fulfills all her sexual desires. There are many more stories: tales of threesomes, cougars on campus, V.I.P. escapades, and interrogation room hook-ups. Sometimes raw, sometimes tender-they run the gamut. But the one thing they all have in common is that Camille witnesses everything firsthand and tells her friends’ stories-with their permission, of course. Lucky her!
Why did you choose Camille to tell this the story?
Because she has the best seat in the house! And her camera is rolling the entire time. We even get to see Camille in a few naughty situations of her own.
Let’s peek in on what Camille’s watching right now (An excerpt from Nika’s Birthday):
The striking woman began removing her clothes in the garage. First her shoes, then her blouse, and finally, her skirt. By the time she entered the living room, a trail of clothing marked her path inside the house.
Nika Winters had decided to make her way upstairs and into a warm bath. When she rounded the corner at the second floor landing, she heard a familiar voice.
“Stop right there.”
Strong hands came up to her face, loosely tied a blindfold around her eyes. Those same hands nudged her from behind to enter the master suite of the lavish property that she and her husband called home.
“Right this way, baby.”
Jackson Winters was like that. He always had surprises for his wife of fifteen years. Nika loved that about him.
“What’s going on?” Nika asked, her curiosity piqued at Jackson’s actions.
“Did you forget today was your birthday?” Jackson asked her. “I know you saw that new Infiniti out front this morning, and I think you even drove it to the boutique today.”
“Oh that? It was mine, wasn’t it?”
“Kind of late to be asking that, Mrs. Winters.” He kissed her. “Happy Birthday, Baby.”
Nika passionately kissed the man who stole her heart back in high school. “Let’s see…I got a new car, flowers, some balloons, and a very sexy voicemail today. I’m thinking that’s enough for my 40th birthday. Wanna’ save something for my other birthdays.”
“Good thing I don’t think like that. I saved the best gift for tonight.” He laid his naked wife on the bed.
“No peeking,” he said. He kissed her again.
“Ummmmm, you can keep that up all night if you want,” Nika said.
Jackson jumped up from the bed. “Stay right here,” he said to his wife. “You have one more present. I’m going downstairs to get it.”
Hmmmmm, wonder what he’s up to now? She thought.
Downstairs, voices were whispering.
“You got the papers?” Jackson asked.
“Yes. I’m clean.”
“Good,” Jackson said. Then he continued.
“I know she mentioned doing this awhile back, but she may have changed her mind. If she doesn’t want to do it, then the whole thing is off. Cool?” Jackson asked. 
The shadowy figure nodded.
Five minutes later, Jackson came back upstairs. He was not alone. Nika immediately recognized a familiar scent that wasn’t her husband’s. She smiled and raised up from the bed.
“Is Adonis here?” She asked. 
“Yes, he is. I hope you don’t mind,” Jackson said.  “So are you ready to live out one of your fantasies?”
“Is that why he’s here?” She curiously asked.
“Nah, I’m just here for the cake,” Adonis joked.
Adonis (Don) Grant was Jackson’s frat brother. Friends since elementary school, the two were closer than most blood brothers. Don, Jackson and Nika were thick as thieves in college. And the only reason Nika hadn’t dated Don was because Jackson stepped to her first. But the chemistry between her and Don was always there. Jackson knew that.
“Baby, you’ve let me live out my fantasies many times over,” Jackson said. “So tonight, Don and I want to give you yours.”            
Nika smiled.
“So are you gonna’ let me blow out your candle?” Don asked.
Nika closed her eyes underneath the blindfold. When she thought of Jackson and Don pleasing her, she imagined all her fantasies being fulfilled. Having both men focused completely on her would be the perfect ending to an already unbelievable birthday.
 Suddenly, Nika felt two sets of hands on her body.
“Relax, baby. Tonight, it’s all about you.” Jackson told his wife as he kissed her tenderly on the lips.
“Yes, it is,” Don said. He planted a kiss on Nika’s forehead.
Jackson leaned over and kissed her even more passionately this time. “Are you ready for your present, baby?” He removed the blindfold.
Nika raised up, opened her eyes and found herself between Jackson and Don. (To Be Continued)
Where can readers find you?
Camille and I are both on Facebook: (Yes, she has her own page)
And Twitter: @authorimanitrue and @ImaniTrue
In True’s World: http://truerotica.blogspot.com
What’s next for both of you?
I’m working on the release of my second book, A Little Sumthin Sumthin, a novel about karma and starting over. It’s a crime drama with elements of Erotica (hot sex scenes-lol), and I’m super excited about it because it’s the first of many books I’m writing with crime-driven story lines. My educational background is in Criminal Investigations and Forensics, so this will be a fun one to write and read. I will publish those as e-books under the brand of “The Writer True.” I’m also working on stories for several 2012 anthologies, and a few screenplays with my son.
Camille is taking a break, but she’s going to be an important part of the sequel to Strawberries when Dreama and I write it. For now, we’re both tied up with solo projects, but we’ll get back to Camille because we have to-she’s too sexy and too intriguing to sit on the sidelines for long.

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