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Sunday, November 20, 2011


By: Sarah Madison
Other Books by Sarah Madison
Published By: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN # 9781613721995
Word Count: 33280
Heat Index: 3 Flames

Buy link: Practice Makes Perfect


About the book:

The now-extinct Brill gifted humankind with the technology of space travel, but the implacable Swarm is determined to wipe all humans from the face of the universe. But the human race won’t give in so easily. On board the spaceship Fearless, a team led by Dr. Rhys Aubrey and Major Jim Tanner is tasked with developing technology for the fight and making new allies to trade for whatever edge they can get.

Every day the Fearless ventures forth to new worlds and faces challenges that forge strong bonds of friendship among the crew—and perhaps something more between Rhys and Jim. In a life filled with danger and trouble around every corner, are Rhys and Jim ready to risk their hearts too?

An excerpt from the book:


He gradually became aware that he’d slowed his breathing to match Tanner’s. His left side was still freezing, but his right shoulder and thigh were pressed up against Tanner, and the warm contact was making him sleepy.


“Better?” Tanner asked, long after Rhys has thought he’d gone back to sleep.


“Better,” Rhys agreed with a sigh.  He relaxed slightly closer to Tanner.  “Now I know the secret of your freakish metabolism,” he said, smiling into the darkness.


There was a long pause.  “Oh, really?” Tanner said at last.


“Yes.” Rhys grinned at the ceiling.  “You put out heat like a nuclear reactor. You probably burn something like three hundred calories an hour just sitting still.  No wonder everyone wants to sleep with you.” No sooner had he said the words, he realized how they sounded, and he briefly bit his lip in horror.  “I mean, that is to say, off the ship, you know, when it’s really cold.” 


“Go to sleep, Aubrey.” Tanner rolled over onto his shoulder again, presenting his back to Rhys.


Impossibly, he did go to sleep. He must have, because sometime during the night, he gravitated toward Tanner’s warmth and spooned up against him, sliding one arm along the fleece, and worming his hand under the blanket to place it against warm skin. He wouldn’t even have been aware that he’d done this, except that he muzzily recognized the stirring of someone beneath his hand before Jim stretched into his touch and rolled toward him.


“Aubrey.” It wasn’t a tone Rhys had heard very often. Tanner was usually the epitome of Texas charm. Whenever Rhys had heard this particular note in the past, he’d always been reminded of the Don’t Mess With Texas motto. “Mind telling me what your hand is doing on my cock?”  

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