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Saturday, November 26, 2011


There are five traits a person must possess in order to become an author:

1. Imagination (if you can't dream it up, you're in the wrong business)

2. Confidence (believe in yourself, be able to self-promote)

3. Perseverance (be willing to do whatever it takes)

4. Patience (of a saint)

5. Thick-skinned (be able to withstand the abuse)

You're probably wondering why the word 'talent' isn't in this list. Well, talent like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Though I do admit, there are some authors just as some painters and singers that should really opt for a change in profession. 

I was snooping through Goodreads today. I do this once in a while to read the reviews of the big name authors–those that everyone supposedly raves about. And this time I read the reviews for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Did you see the movies? My husband and I watched all three. Anyway, I couldn't believe what people had to say about this book. They either loved it (five stars) or hated it (one star) and there was virtually NO happy medium. To be honest I wasn't surprised with the ratings (due to the brutal content). 

I started to read the book once, but soon lost interest and I'm not sure why really. Maybe it was Stieg Larrson’s style of writing. But just because it wasn't my cup of tea doesn't mean the book was poorly written or lacked plot. A review is just an individual’s point of view and irrelevant in the end. I prefer tea some people prefer coffee. Does that make the tea better than the coffee?

And I’m not sure where the ‘I’m fucking mad’ reviews came from (I’ve noticed this has become a disturbing trend on Goodreads). But some people were actually mad at Stieg Larsson (who is dead by the way) and almost threatened him in their reviews. It’s a BOOK people. Okay, you didn’t like it. Must you be so rude? Get over it. Author’s are people too.

Getting back to my list and why I wrote this post today. I get some interesting emails from fans and those who aren't. Which means, I receive praise and criticism. Some people are nice others not so much. Everyone's entitled to an opinion and everyone's entitled to like or dislike something. The problem is that passing judgment unless you've walked a mile in the other person’s (author's) shoes is fruitless. 

Also, you have to remember that when you post on the Internet you maybe picked on to a certain degree. This is because the Internet, as a whole, is a nameless and faceless fantasy world where the majority of the population believes they can do and say whatever they want with little to no consequences. How much longer will this continue? I’m not sure because the laws are changing and fast. Unfortunately, for now, you’re going to have to accept some of crude behaviour–it’s the risk you take. That doesn’t mean you have to like it or put up with it. It’s all in how you deal with it. If you own the blog or website you can band people or delete unwanted content. It’s your privilege. 

So, here's my advice for what it's worth, to everyone's that has asked me… Do what you feel is right. For me, I write for personal enjoyment and to share my stories. The rest, I pay little to no attention. Constructive criticism–if politely presented, I do take time to listen and learn from. Defaming comments, I just consider the source (some people have nothing better to do than run others down). Praise, I accept with a sense of great pleasure that someone took the time to read my stories and enjoyed them–this, I’m grateful for. And never, I mean NEVER take the hurtful things to heart even though it’s difficult. Brush them off and continue on. Eventually, you'll know if you’re meant for this business. Not everyone can be the next J.K. Rowling, but some do come close!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, sweeties!

Happy Yaoi Hunting

Blak Rayne ^_^!!