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Friday, September 9, 2011


The Best Part on a Man

Greetings fans! Welcome to another blog post at Blak Rayne’s on this lovely Saturday where today I’m talking about the best part on the man. You know that other gender that makes us all crazy and wish sometimes we were lesbian because he acts like he can’t communicate effectively? Yes that one.

You might say, what’s better than the penis?
The cock, the shaft, the hardened muscle? Nothing, if where talking penetration but since I hope you won’t fuck around with everything that moves, we’re talking about the best part you like to ogle and if he’s yours, you like to touch it, maybe even bite it occasionally.

I know I do… *grins*

The NIPPLE. The pectoral, his pecs, yes those two things on his chest that stand out, perk up when you lick or nibble on them and well, unlike ours, at times, they won’t spit out milk.
When I look at a man, after glancing at the eyes, I check out his chest. If bare-chested, my gaze goes to his nips. I love the sight of them. I always think all the things I could possibly do with those. I could lick, nibble, twist like knobs. I really could enjoy myself fondling those before I made my way down and really, if you ask your man, ladies or gentlemen, your guy would say nipple stimulation is almost as important as the cock.

In a recent sexual study I found on the web at this site 52 percent of the men surveyed said they are more aroused when they have nipple stimulation. 40 percent said they enjoy sex more if they someone toyed with their nipples.

So, is your man into this? I know all of mine are and even the somewhat homophobic ones can say they like doing it to themselves when masturbating. Yes, it’s not an issue for you to do this, guys. Pulling on your own nips doesn’t mean you’re gay…

*rolls eyes*

So what have we learned here kids? Nipples are nice! Your man might love a little nipple tugging, biting, sucking before sex and he might even do it to himself. You know what another plus is? If he gets them pierced! HOT…  That makes this gal strip off her panties and hand them to you and that’s only if she’s wearing them.

Men, do you like having your nipples played with? If so, what do you like to be done? Next time I’ll take the best 3 or 4 ways to stimulate the nips and give you some ideas but if you have some interesting ones, let me know.

Hope you enjoyed this sexy post and don’t forget to leave your thoughts.

Thanks for the article BL! Great as always! ^_^!!
Happy Yaoi Hunting
Blak Rayne^_^!!


  1. Great blog. There's nothing like having someone lick and bite the nipple during sex play, it is one of the ultimate turn on's

  2. I do love pecs on a man :) I love to play with a man's nipples, but the ex didn't like it. I hope I find another man who does!

  3. Like you, my eyes travel from eyes, pecs and then to the pacakage. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  4. @Vamp,

    I know right? For a woman and man very pleasurable!

    Thanks for the visit!

  5. @Kellie

    :D Wow, how can a man not love his pecs to be played with?

    Whoa, I know hunny good luck in finding one!

  6. Tantalizing moments are created when a tongue (or teeth) make contact with nipples- makes the foreplay that much more enjoyable
    Dawne P

  7. Thanks for the post hun! It's always a pleasure and thank everyone else for stopping by!

  8. @Dawne. I agree!

    Next time I'll come up with some ways, or is that BL? o.0

    :D Thx for stopping by!