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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I just snooped through my–forever growing, collection of sexy men, which I like to call my ‘secret eye candy files’ and I thought to myself… You’re either one desperately, sad women Blak or a huge pervert! LOL I’ve got hundreds and I mean hundreds of pictures, tame to the explicit of gorgeous men. I’ve also got a special file labelled ‘Y’ and you guessed it, that’s for my yaoi! Everything is separated on my computer and purposely labelled a certain way, so my son won’t notice. I try to be discreet. He’s well aware that I write, but he doesn’t know what genre I write. He’s too young yet. And YES my husband knows about my dirty files. As far as the hubby’s concerned he’s the cat’s ass and no other man could possibly compare to him in. So I can drool all I want. Ah yes…the hubby is Italian! LOL 

'A picture is worth a thousand words.' 

Along with music, nature and the world around us, a picture can inspire. At Goodreads, one of the M/M groups posts erotic images every other day and give a synopsis of what they think the story is behind the image. The group members are asked to vote or share an idea. Anyway, I decided that for tonight’s post, which I’ll call ‘Wild Wednesday’. I wanted to share an extravaganza of my latest finds, real and yaoi, plus one old favourite. Maybe you'll be inspired or maybe you'll just drool, either way I hope you enjoy!

Always love tatties!
Not into BDSM, but this guy is a hottie!
Mother I want a boxer! One of my fav sports!
Couldn't resist!
I want to lick this man so badly...
Fantastic drawing!
Okay, someone spank him!
Happy Yaoi Hunting
Blak Rayne!