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Monday, July 18, 2011


~ A vamp is a woman who uses sexual attraction to exploit men.
~ A bombshell is a (sex symbol), an attractive woman.

Vamp and bombshell, I absolutely love those two words. Whenever I hear them, I instantly think of Hollywood and actresses like Diana Dors, Carole Lombard, Betty Grabble, Betty Davies, Mae West, Jayne Mansfield, Jean Harlow and Marilyn Monroe (a personal favourite). These blonde bombshells were plastered across every pubescent boy’s wall. But what is it that makes these women alluring? Even now, decades later, and their names are still synonymous with sex appeal. And where does this sexual attraction come from?
It wasn’t just the physical appearance that made these women fascinating; it was a combination of the seductive voice, mannerisms and hair colour that worked, a package that brought celebrity. And yes, these women were vamps. They were forced to exploit the bombshell image and were taught how to do it. They modeled, took singing and acting lessons, even learnt the art of burlesque. Everything that made up the package - the clothes, make-up and hairstyles were chosen.

Getting back to the hair. Where do the labels come from? For instance there’s blonde bimbo, and we never associate bombshell with brunette do we, though the word ‘bombshell’ doesn’t state any relevancy to hair colour. According to the dictionary a bombshell is a (sex symbol), an attractive woman. On the opposite end of the scale dark haired women are automatically labeled beautiful or mysterious, which sometimes neither adjective apply. We seem to correlate blonde with sex or promiscuity, and brunette with brains and beauty. What about redheads with anger? I remember an incident, many moons ago. Several friends had set up a blind date for me and I was to meet this man at a party. The party was great, but my supposed date wasn’t. Once we were introduced, the guy took one look at me and said to our mutual friends… “She’s a brunette, how much fun could she be.” His displeasure with my lack of bleached roots was noted. Well, I can tell you, I ended up going home with someone else that night, and I guarantee he voiced no complaint! LOL
Blonde’s have more fun or do they? Are they more adventurous? There is a conventional belief, whether factual or not, that blondes are less intelligent than women with differing hair pigment, and less prudish, which infers that a blonde would be easier to get in the sack. But seriously–who is tricking who? I find it utterly amazing, that the majority of the Hollywood blonde bombshells were brunettes underneath. HA! Now what does that say? Either these women had one up on everyone or they were coerced into the belief that their hair colour could make or break their careers. Sadly, the latter is more truthful. Hollywood executives of the past weren’t nice and drove the starlets to their psychological limit by holding the fame and fortune over their heads. These men did destroy many lives as they did careers. Drugs, alcohol and promiscuity were prevalent, and unfortunately some of these actresses died at young age, near penniless, lonely and very messed up. Hollywood created a misconception, a false image of what they wanted the public to view as a sex symbol; big tits and blonde locks with fair skin. Look at the Barbie doll. What does that tell you?
Regardless of the greedy movie moguls, the love starved men who worshipped from afar and fans of the cinema, these flaxen actresses of early Hollywood have stood the test of time. These women are more popular today than they’ve ever been. There are hundreds of websites worldwide that exhibit their photos, movies and memorabilia. It’s amazing really! And, I have to admit, if I could sample that type of adoration from the male populous, you’d better believe I’d do it!

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  1. It's magnificent to look at their longevity, but when you take into account that the studios owned them and pushed it, most of the shine peels off.

    I love that they endured and did so without taking the studios with them. Only the most devout fans know who was MGM and who was Warner Bros, but even passing fans know their faces and the work they did.


  2. I agree Xakara and thank you for stopping by!