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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Everybody has one, no not an ipad, your father, geesh! LOL Did you do anything special with Dad today? My father is a four hour drive away and it wasn't feasible for me to visit, so I phoned instead. We talked for about thirty minutes. I couldn't send a card due to the postal strike. Nothing is moving in this country right now. 

Anyway, my father was fine, his usual sarcastic and chipper self. I swear, not much hasn't changed since I was a child, maybe he's a little grumpier, but that's pretty much it. He was the type to laugh at you when you fell down. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't sadistic... Okay, maybe he was... LOL Seriously, he's a good man, loving and always treated us fair and with respect, but his humour...well it was sick and dark! And unfortunately the legacy has continued, I'm exactly the same and now my children are twisted. 

The best way to describe my father, have you ever watched 'That Seventies Show' and if you have, you're familiar with Red Foreman. Red Foreman...that's my dad. Yep, damned close anyway. My dad used to say things like: "The only reason I had children was so I could laugh every day." "I'm not racist, I think everyone should own a colour TV." "Did I ever tell you, you're my favourite daughter?" (I am his only daughter) I can't count how many times people hung up when he answered the phone. "Pearse's mortuary - you stab 'em, we slab 'em." And a personal favourite. My dad has no patience when behind the wheel, and this happened on regular basis, he'd shake his fist out the window and yell, "You @#$@ philimonickpeckalumar." Don't ask me what it means, but I think it was a code word for something real bad. 

He had many other quotes but they aren't suitable for my blog or your eyes. LOL Life with my father was interesting to say the least and there was never a dull moment. Love you, dad.

My husband's a father too, so my children and I took him out for brunch today, bought him some tools and showered him with our love and affection. Sadly, his son didn't phone him. There are issues there. Now I'll call my brothers, since they are father figures as well. I hope everyone has a great day with Dad!

Author K.Piet is here on June 22! June 24 I'm at RLJ and I'm not sure if I've got another author post for Friday or not, it will be a surprise! Today I'm at Kharisma's blog too! http://kharismarhayne.blogspot.com/
Happy Yaoi Hunting
Blak Rayne ^_^!!

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