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Friday, June 17, 2011


Cats and Dogs - (7)

Cats rule, dogs drool, and humans serve.

  The look Bart gave that…that thief in sheep’s clothing was nauseatingly sweet. I had to do something before he made a fool of himself, even if it meant letting that flea-bitten canine chase me again. I jumped down, making a fast dash past the dog, taking a swipe at him as I did. I wasn’t aiming to hurt him this time, just wanted to get his attention. Apparently for once he was using what passes for a brain because he took off after me even when his master yelled at him to stop and sit.

  My house isn’t big but it has two levels and I made use of both of them as I raced ahead of the mutt. He was beginning to impress me. He stayed just far enough behind me to keep the chase going while Bart and the burglar tried to catch both of us.

  “If that beast catches Socks,” Bart shouted angrily.

  “Then you’re down one cat,” the burglar replied. He sounded serious but there was a bit of a laughing undertone to his words.

  I reached the end of the upstairs hall and spun around, spitting and hissing at the dog. He stopped and then I swear he grinned as he sat down just out of reach of my claws. His master beat Bart to him, grabbing his collar, hitching the leash to it. Bart inched past them and picked me up while glaring at the dog.

  “Hey now, don’t blame him,” the burglar said. “Your cat started it.”

  “This is his house. He was just defending it,” Bart growled.

  The burglar laughed. “So he’s a watch cat huh?”

  “Well, yeah. I guess. Maybe.” Bart glanced down. “You are, aren’t you Socks?”

  I reached up and patted his cheek, purring in reply before turning to hiss at the dog again. But when neither of the men was looking I winked at him and he grinned back at me. Mission accomplished. Now we just had to get the burglar out of here and things would be good again. Well other than my trying to figure out how to finger him to the police. Or would that be ‘paw’ him since I don’t have fingers?

* * * * *

  Everyone needs a dog to adore him, not a cat to ignore him.

  We get back downstairs and I’m figuring it’s time to leave so I try to tug Rail towards the door. When he stands his ground staring at the dork again I bark like I’ve really got to go pee and right now. The dork is staring back at him with the same look in his eyes that Rail has. Not hungry this time but definitely interested.

  “Look,” Rail says slowly. “Maybe I’m reading things wrong in which case I’m sorry but…” He stops talking then hems and haws a bit before spitting out real fast, “If I asked you to go to dinner with me would you?”

  The dork looks surprised and is about to answer when the cat latches his claws into his shoulder. I immediately bark louder and tug harder. Instead of following my lead Rail lets go of the leash and hurries over to the dork, trying to help him get the cat loose. The cat yowls at him but gives in, jumping up on the dork’s shoulder and down to the floor behind him.

  “Damn, that’s got to hurt. Let me see,” Rail says, trying to pull the dork’s shirt off his shoulder.

  While Rail’s doing that the cat slithers over to me. He keeps his distance but not by much as he looks at me and then the stairs and tips his head towards them.

  I shake my head. We’ve done that. It didn’t work. In fact unless I miss my guess it just made things worse. The cat seems to get it and agree because he sidles back to the dork and starts rubbing against his leg to get his attention.

  “You I’m not talking to,” the dork growls in a passable imitation of me when I’m pissed.

In the mean time Rail’s got the dude’s shirt off one arm and is asking where the bandages and stuff are. The dork nods towards the kitchen and damn it if Rail doesn’t take his hand and lead him there, telling him to ‘sit’.

  The dork grins. “You do that well. Lots of practice with the dog I bet.”

  “Big time.” Rail says with a laugh before getting the stuff he needs from the drawer the dork points to. “This might hurt,” he says, wetting a paper towel to wash off the blood around where the cat punctured the dork’s shoulder.

  The dork winces but takes it like a man. As Rail works, the dork says, “I don’t know what got into him. He’s never done something like that before.”

  Rail grins. “Maybe he was jealous ‘cause I asked you to go out with me.”

Thanks for posting, Edward! What a wonderful story. I can't wait for the next installment. Edward and I have swapped blogs, my post is at http://edwardkendrick.blogspot.com/ Tomorrow BL Morticia is back! I'm posting @ Tabooindeed! I hope you can check out all the posts! 
Happy Yaoi Hunting! 
Blak Rayne ^_^!!

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