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Monday, May 30, 2011


Cape Breton
Good evening sweeties! I can't tell you how happy I am to be home. My vacation was nothing short of a test in mental endurance (the first day, anyway). To bring everyone up to speed, my daughter and I were supposed to hit Japan, but this had to be cancelled and then there was the issue of money. Insurance companies like every other corporate entity out there don't give a shit about you. I was ripped off big time. Anyway, the long and short of the situation, I had to reschedule and fast. In the end, we chose Nova Scotia. I admit it isn't Fiji but it is a beautiful place in its own right. Plus, traveling inside your own country can at times keep your finances in check and make for a more enjoyable journey.

So, May ninth steadily approached and we were getting ready...then BAM! I was thrown a curve ball. The airline phones literally the day before we're to fly out of Vancouver International and states... "Mrs. Rayne we have a slight problem. We've had to reschedule your connecting flight in Toronto and rebook you for a different plane."
Cabot Trail
Okay, I sounded calm on the phone but I was actually screaming inside my head. I had the choice of a red-eye flight the next night or leave immediately. I had to reschedule my hotel and then phone the car rental company. We decided on the red-eye to Calgary. And I must mention...the car rental company assured me three times, that there wouldn't be a problem and I had a twenty-four hour grace period to pick up the car. Then I asked myself aloud. "What else could possibly go wrong?" Nah-ah...never ask that, and I mean never ladies and gents. 

So we leave the next day, fly into Calgary, swap planes and fly all night to the other end of the country. Here's what happened on the plane. A couple in their twilight years were seated directly in front of us and the old guy kept lifting his ass to fart. Another man, seated across from us in the other aisle, had his headphones on and was watching TV. And just as I'd drift to sleep he'd laugh very loudly and scare the shit out of me. Then someone else kept digging their emergency buzzer to alert the stewardesses for help, and this rotten kid wouldn't stop cry and whining. Needless to say, I couldn't wait to exit the plane and I couldn't stop laughing because I was way over tired. Between bad gas and the asshole laughing, I was ready to slit my own wrists! LOL Then my wonderful daughter used my own words against me (the little turd). "Oh mother, look at this way, it's an adventure. And years from now we'll look back on this and laugh." Sure we will.
Anne of Green Gables 
We landed in Halifax to freezing rain and the smell of salt air. Once we trudged half a mile through the airport, we finally located the luggage pick-up. I'm not sure why, but in minutes my gut sank. I just knew we weren't going to find our luggage. And sure enough, after the other fifteen passengers got theirs, we just stood their and laughed hysterically. We talked to the baggage claim and it seems when we stopped in Calgary the baggage handlers dumped our luggage on a different plane heading to Edmonton. There was the usual 'we're sorry' from the ladies and a promise to get it to us pronto. Yep, I never saw that coming. I got directions and we headed to the car rental section. And you'll never guess...the car I had rented was gone. According to the girl at the counter, they only give you three hours leeway not 24 hrs, that was only in the states and the guy on the phone was an idiot. I told him, I was traveling in Canada. 

We finally get a car. They had one left, just returned. I said whatever. I was so exhausted I needed tooth picks to hold my eyelids up. Then we drove to the hotel. But my daughter mixed me up with the directions, and I took the wrong turn-off and ended up heading north on the highway - driving far away from the hotel. I can tell you one thing, the language wasn't very pretty in that car. LOL They could hear me back in BC. 
Smuggler's Cove
Anyway, we finally get back on the correct road and find our hotel. Check in time is three P.M. and it was only seven-forty A.M. I was prepared to pay, actually do anything as long as we could find a bed. I walked straight up to the count told the woman my whole pathetic, unrated sob-story (begged her to let us in our room early). And that I'd be eternally grateful. She smiled and stated it wasn't a problem. I think I told her I loved her at that point. We got a room and the luggage finally arrived by the late afternoon, hand delivered by the sweetheart from the counter (I really need to send her flowers). We slept for a few hours in an attempt to adjust to the time difference (jet-lag). Then like raving lunatics we decided to head into the city for dinner or some bullshit. Yep. That was a huge mistake. I don't know Halifax. I know BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan...but not Halifax.

My daughter became the designated map handler and we dove in with both feet. Halifax is one of the oldest cities in the country, and my God is it a pain in the ass to manoeuvre through! I've never encountered such rude people. Every time I drove around a corner someone was honking at me. Impatient! Then we hit the toll bridge, because we're just that stupid. The toll bridge unites Halifax with Dartmouth. And I've never seen a toll bridge with a money basket. The one in BC takes a snapshot of your license plate and you're billed once a month. This basket thing was barbaric! LOL Okay, I drive up, roll down my window and toss the Loonie in. "Yeah!" we both yell in unison. We made it! We drive across to the other side of the city and this is where my stress level broke. People honked, I got lost and then I almost blew a gasket. Then we decide we're too tired, it's getting dark and we should return to the hotel. Yep, here comes that bridge again. But hey we've done this before, we're pros...
Landing in Vancouver
I've the got the money in hand, but this time like a nincompoop I throw it with my lefthand. I'm right-handed. Of course I miss and I see the Looine fall to the ground and it's lying there mocking me all shiny and new. Well I freaked, took off my belt to retrieve it. Then his guy appears, the attendant and asks me what's wrong. I was nearly in tears. This is exactly what I almost yelled. "I'm from B.C., I'm lost and I dropped my friggin' dollar!"
He held both hands up and spoke very slowly and soothingly, like he was trying to calm an insane person. "It's all right mame. It's okay. Not to worry.I'll just raise the arm for you." He pushed a button and we escaped.

Aside from the rocky start and the rain, which it rained twelve out of fourteen days (approximately), our trip was pretty good. We got to see relatives and freely roam the countryside. It was quite the adventure and I'm glad we went. I've added a few pictures that we took. We drove the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, we saw the Anne of Green Gables homestead in P.E.I. and we even drove through New Brunswick!

In other news: It's official Master of Illusion will be released June 15th! YEAH! I'm really stoked sweeties and have thoroughly enjoyed writing this new series. Master of Destruction will follow on July 15th and Master of Salvation will is due for release on August 15th. And...Devotion 3 is almost ready to be handed in to the EIC. Yes I have been working my buns off! LOL

On June 1st the awesome author Cassandra Dayne will be @ BRB! June 3rd Edward is back with a new post. Also on June 3rd I've been interviewed @ C.R. Moss's website - what a sweetheart she is! I can't thank her enough. I'll be running a contest @ CR's website you won't want to miss! I'll post the link this week. 

BL Morticia is back June 4th! Lastly, but certainly not least, this Saturday, June 4th I'll be on a talk show with a couple of author friends! Should be fun! Can't wait. But for now....
Happy Yaoi Hunting!
Blak Rayne ^_^!!


  1. Wow, Im glad you got some vacation out of that.

    Sux that the trip to Japan didn't work out.

    Glad you're back though, sweets!

  2. Thanks so much Rawiya! All and all it was a decent trip, and we did enjoy ourselves. Thank for stopping by. XOXOX