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Monday, April 25, 2011


Hello sweeties! For my post this evening, I just wanted to share my thoughts on a few things and update you with the most recent events in my crazy life.
Happy Easter! (belated I know) I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was nice. I endured just the correct amount of the family stuff and then I enjoyed the peace. On Saturday the house was packed and we dined on an interesting assortment of food–stuffed peppers, baked chicken, fattening finger nibblies, salad, sweet potatoes, veggies and then for desert cookies, cupcakes, strawberry shortcake and homemade blueberry pie (courtesy of me). LOL There were bowls of the junk food too–chips and cheezies. I don’t generally eat all the bad foods, so once in a while it’s a nice treat. Yes I have gone health conscious (not that I always haven’t been) but the last decade I’ve taken the idea more seriously.

What did you do for Easter?

There’s been a lot of talk about the environment lately, especially in the wake of the radiation leaks in Japan. I’m an environmental nut. Our household recycles as much as possible and I try to do the environmentally friendly thing when I purchase household cleaners, furniture etc–but that depends on the cost. I’m not rich, so I do have to be careful. Funny isn’t it? You’d expect natural items to cost less wouldn’t you?

Are you for the environment?
I finally finished my second novel ‘Master of Destruction’-book two in my Benevolence Series. I will be handing it in tomorrow. Then I’ve got the third one and the next installment in my Devotion Series to edit. Another month or so and all should be complete. Stories come to me with ease–characters, plot and titles, but when we’re talking actually handing in a polished MS to the EIC I freak. I’m a Virgo and we are hopeless perfectionists. We’re never satisfied with second best. It’s sad really…I drive myself insane. LOL
My frustration has also come with the topic I’ve chosen to write about. Don’t get me wrong, I love the stories I create, and do love the end product. It’s the getting there that is the most difficult. My bounty hunter series has been trying and I don’t know if I’ll ever write such a complex plot and character association again.
I did post the first chapter of a novella @ IRM, which I plan to publish in the near future. It’s funny but that one just effortlessly flowed and I was done in less than a week. But it needs editing.

If you’re a writer: What do you find are the most rewarding moments?
My last thoughts: As you know my trip to Japan has been cancelled due to the issues over there. Now the battle is on to retrieve the money I laid out for the trip. I purchased airline tickets, a tour package and a hotel room for two weeks–plus travel insurance. Here’s my warning to everyone. If you don’t have to, never book a hotel or tour package in advance. Seriously try to plan it out another way. Check on line to see what’s available and reserve if you can without a lot of money down. Let’s say you book and pay only days before leaving. I saved for two years. I paid in total $8,500.00 for the whole thing and I’ll be lucky if I see $6,000.00 back. Insurance companies never do what they say they will. Everyone has an angle and they want their pound of flesh. Just my advice, but really think about it before you shell out tons of money–these big corporations are quick to take your money but not quick to refund when it’s warranted. Now you know why they’re so big. It’s bad enough you dish out the money to get coverage that even after they hit you with more fees. I’m pissed, the situation has become a nightmare and now I’m the one to get shafted, when really I had no control.

Have you survived a vacation nightmare?
Well I’ll leave my sharing at that! LOL On April 27th author Ike Rose will be @ BRB! Also the same day I’ll be posting @ IRM! And I’ll be posting again on April 29th @ BRB and RLJ! :D What a busy week ahead! I added some new picks to the Eye Candy page–oh so beautiful! Here’s my latest favourite smexy picture. OMG this man’s skin is so beautiful! Enjoy!

Happy Yaoi Hunting!
Blak Rayne ^_^!!


  1. Hi Blak,

    I know what you mean about complex plots. I have totally done that for my African Sun series. My betas are like, how the hell are you going to tie this all together? but what can I say, I like conflict.

    Can't wait for part 3 of Devotion and sorry that you are having such issues with the trip. Terrible that you're losing that much money.

    As a writer, my most rewarding moment is making a reader happy. I have gotten a couple if emails from people who say they loved my stories or even the little comments on Goodreads or even on the free sites about my work have made me feel great.

    Nice man candy!

    Great post hun!

  2. I'm sorry you're having so much trouble with the insurance company. You plan and dream and save for a wonderful vacation to a place you've been wanting to visit then it all falls apart. I hope you'll be able to get something back and that you'll be able to go to Japan in the future.

  3. Morning Ladies! Thanks so much for the support both of you. The trip issue has been an eye-opener and I will tread carefully in the future. The saddest part is that I can't do anything else until I get some refunds, but I'm on the phone today with the travel agent - so we'll see what happens. **fingers crossed**
    I will plan another trip to Japan in the future. I haven't given up hope completely. :D
    TY Rawiya. Devotion 3 will be out this year, just not sure when. It'll be interesting to see what kind of cover will be created. I thought something in red or green. LOL
    Oh I know the man candy is delicious! LOL