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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Cats and Dogs - (5) Everyone needs a dog to adore him, not a cat to ignore him.
I smell cat. My ears go up and I growl, trying to warn Rail that we have company. He shoots me a look and keeps driving. I growl again, jumping over the back of the seat, sniffing, trying to find where the cat is hiding.
“Bosley, what the hell are you doing?” Rail grumbles. “Get back up here. This is no time to be playing.”
There are times I wish I could speak human so I could tell him what’s going on. But I can’t so instead I drop down trying to see under that back seat. I know the cat’s in here somewhere. I can smell its wretched scent. Cats, the bane of any self-respecting dog’s existence. 
“Bosley,” Rail growls.
Okay, okay. I jump back up beside him. But it’s not over. Wherever the cat is in here I’ll find him when we get back home. Find him and send him on his way.
A few minutes later we’re pulling into our garage. The second Rail opens the car door I’m out, stalking around the car, sniffing. I hone in on where the cat is just as Rail opens the trunk. Sneaky thing is hiding in there with our swag. I stand, four feet planted firmly, ready to jump him the minute he shows his furry head.
“Well now, what do we have here,” Rail says, pulling a black and white cat out of the trunk by the scruff of its neck.
‘It’s a cat, geesh,’ I think, growling low, ready to deal with it the minute Rail puts it down.
The cat has other ideas apparently because it rakes its claws down Rail’s arm. Rail drops it with a shout. It races through the open garage door and starts running towards the house. I’m hot on its tail. It jumps up on the back porch railing, hissing and snarling at me. No cat is going to scare me away. I get closer, jaws open, ready to grab whatever’s handy like its switching tail.
* * * *
Cats rule, dogs drool, and humans serve.
Alright, so maybe that wasn’t the smartest move of my life but as I sat there on the railing ready to make another jump to safety it was just too tempting. The stupid dog, and with a name like ‘Bosley’ he must be really stupid, was looking to bite me. So I whapped him with my tail and then got a good blow in on his nose with my claws extended. What was good for his master is good enough for him as well.
The stupid dog howled. I mean come on; it’s like three in the morning. Didn’t he know that the neighbors might not appreciate the noise? One of said neighbors opened his upstairs window and shouted “Get that damned animal inside Mr. Robb before I call the cops.”
The burglar, Mr. Robb I’m presuming, came hurrying from the garage. I quickly climbed up the trellis to the porch roof. Bosley was whining, glaring up at me with murder in his eyes while trying to lick his abused nose. Mr. Robb opened the back door, ordering the dog inside, telling him to stay. Then he went back to the garage again.
Perfect. The door was open. The dog was inside still whining. I dropped to the ground, with perfect grace as always, and snuck a peek inside the house. The dog growled at me but didn’t come any closer than the edge of the doorsill. I had to admire a well-trained pooch; it makes a cat’s life much easier. On the other hand until he moved there was no way I could get inside and see what was what. And that I wanted to do. You know, cats and curiosity and all that jazz.
I heard footsteps behind me and did a scamper, getting under the chair at one side of the porch. The burglar gave me a disgusted look but otherwise ignored me as he took Bart’s stuff inside. I heard him tell the dog to go lay down, quickly followed by the click of nails on the kitchen floor and then quiet as the dog hurried to obey. Since the door was still open I crept forward and took another look inside. The coast was clear so in I went.
Like I said earlier, this wasn’t my night for smart moves. The burglar came back and closed the door. So now I was well and truly trapped inside his house.
Thanks so much again, Edward. The story is great.^_^!! BL Morticia is back tomorrow folks and she's got a interesting post (yes I've read it already) and some hot pictures. LOL Which reminds me that perhaps I should start another revamp of this blog. I've posted at Edward's blog as well. Edward's Blog Have a great Friday!
Happy Yaoi Hunting
Blak Rayne ^_^!!

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