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Saturday, March 26, 2011


David Taylor

Hi folks! This is the alter ego or better known as the third wheel in the Sharita L triad, BLMorticia with another post at Blak Rayne’s place. What am I talking about this week? MEN! That’s right, men.

Now, I’m not trying to give any real lessons here about how they smell, what they’re made of, or anything like that. What I’m speaking of is how they inspire us as writers, artists, or even you, as a reader. How you ask?

Think about a man you really like, celebrity or not. Okay, besides your husband. Jesus, work with me here. Does he make you all gushy inside? Think naughty things? Are you dreaming about the man bending you over the washer in the laundry room while you wait for the clothes to dry? Maybe. Then you’ve been MENSPIRED.

No, it’s not a real word, but it means that gorgeous hottie is someone you think about during a day dream, a relaxing bath, or a nap after you’ve sent the kiddies to school. He inspires your thoughts, invades your subconscious.

As creators, we have men in mind when we write. The characters are fictional, but we build a guy in our brain and form a personality around him. I can’t speak for anyone else but in this group of muses, we scout the net looking for a specific man to play the “role.” It’s usually something specific like his eyes, his build, or if he has something distinctive that says he should play this part.

Who have been some of our menspirations? We aren’t that cliché’, picking the ones everyone wants like George Clooney or Brad Pitt. Our “actors” have been men who are models or even musicians. Some have been actual actors, but they’re ones not everyone knows. Here are a couple of examples.
The man above inspired a few stories from Michael and Rawiya. The latest being, Longing for a Normal State of Vertigo, in the Riding the Rocket Anthology.

All of us love Boris Kodjoe. He’s Derwyn in Rawiya’s Masquerade as well as Devon Peartly in Sugar Daddy part of the Who’s Your Daddy collection. He’s also my guy, Bryant Duncan, in My Lieutenant.

Tyson Beckford is in a new story that Rawiya is doing called Lessons in Ink along with David Taylor.

Now, there are many more but these are only a few. When we look for the menspiration, the appearance usually writes itself in the story and as we go along, we stop a moment to pick the person we’re thinking to visualize the action going on. Meninspired. Inspired by a certain man, to do what we want.

Surely when you’ve had that naughty dream of Brad Pitt from Lonesome Dove , it was a thrill that made you laugh or get a little moist down below. It titillated you as a woman or man, and made you want to react. A quick round with the vibrator perhaps? Hope you got batteries. In a writers’ life it’s the same. We’ve been menspired to pen a few thousand words around a particular man and erm, we might be having a little fun afterwards too.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this funny post, and in the meantime, keep living and dreaming.

Thanks for the great post, BL! The count down in coming folks! IRM will be fully operational on April 1st! (No fooling) LOL March 28th I'll be posting on my own blog - what a novelty! LOL On Mar 30th author Destiny Booze will be @ BRB! Can't wait - very sweet and funny lady. Also on March 30th I'll be posting again @ RLJ! And don't forget everyone there are witty articles, informative posts and awesome free reads at Red Lipstick Journals

And a special announcement. I'm so thrilled for Edward Kendrick. He got a really great review from Dark Divas for 'Everyone's Man' - a huge congrats! Have a spectacular weekend sweeties!

Happy Yaoi Hunting! 
Blak Rayne ^_^!!


  1. TY for allowing me to invade again hunny! :)

  2. I'm manspired several times a day! Sometimes it's the cute guy at the supermarket stocking the shelves. Maybe he's bent over showing incredible booty or maybe he's bagging my groceries with a bubblicious butt. Sometimes it's the guy pulls up at the light next to you. Or the meter reader. Neighbor. It doesn't take much.

  3. LOL Johnny!

    Yep he could ANYONE...

    :) Thank you for stopping in.

  4. Great post. - And I'm with you on that, Johnny. - E.

  5. OK, must be something wrong with me. Brad Pitt and George Clooney do absolutely nothing for me. They are generic. Robert Redford never did anything for me either. I like men with accents. My favorite accent is Cajun and Gambit from X-Men is the only one I can think of with that accent (and he's a cartoon.) Then the Irish accent. Ryan Kelly and Keith Harkin from Celtic Thunder are who menspire me with their accents. Then there are the Englishmen: Sean Bean, Richard Armitage, Cary Grant; and the Scots: Gerard Butler; and the Welsh: Ioan Gruffudd. Then we have Max from Dancing With the Stars (Ukranian, I think.) Well, that's part of my list that menspire me.

  6. Nice list, She!

    I love men with accents to so I agree wholeheartedly.

    Now wait, you have to admit, Brad Pitt in Lonesome Dove, pretty damn inspiring! The long blond hair, the blue eyes... YUMMM!!

    TY for stopping in as always