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Thursday, March 24, 2011


 Everyone needs a dog to adore him, not a cat to ignore him.

“Bosley, I swear you’re going to eat me out of house and home.”

Yeah, so I like my chow. Sue me. I’m a growing dog.  

“Hurry up so I can show you what I got this time.” Rail spreads the haul out on the table. “Not too bad. The jewelry’s going to bring in some good cash once I break it down.”

I clean my bowl then go to see. Putting my paws on the edge of the table I look. Shiny pretties, yeah. Like I know what they’re worth, right? But we live in a good place with a yard so probably enough to pay the rent again this time. 

Rail smiles, picking up a small ivory carving. “This one we keep, Bosley. It’s too distinctive to sell but I couldn’t resist.” He holds it out. “See, it’s you.”

So I look and I’m like, ‘Yeah, sure it is’. I guess it’s okay but then what do I know? It’s white, it’s a dog. If he wants to add it to his collection it’s fine by me. 

He gets up and I get down and follow him to the kitchen. Supper time for him now which means I get people food. Sitting on the floor by the icebox I watch, nudging his arm when he reaches for the turkey. Hey, I mean there’s real meat in there which is better for him. Right? And for me. He makes a face at me that’s the one that says ‘Behave’ but he goes for the meat and makes a big sandwich. Drops some in my bowl and leans on the counter watching me eat while he does.

“Better get to bed now, Bosley. Later I have to get rid of the stuff I got tonight. I’ve got the perfect place picked out for tomorrow. Should be some good electronics I think. The guy looks like a real nerd.”

Not sure what a ‘nerd’ is but whatever makes him happy makes me happy. I bounce around, heading to the door, shooting a look at him over my shoulder. I need a walk first, he needs a walk. He grabs the leash and opens the door. As long as there’s no one around I get to run and at this hour like who’s going to be out but us. I run, he follows. Then whistles. I pull up short and he hooks the leash as a car turns the corner. Comes up next to us and stops.

“Pretty late to be out walking your dog, isn’t it sir?”

Rail smiles balefully at the cop. “Tell that to Bosley. He decided he needed to go, so here I am. Trust me the second he’s done his business I’m back home and into bed again.”

The cop nods. “Have you been out here long?”

“Umm, maybe ten minutes. Why?”

“Did you see anyone else while you were out? There’s been another burglary in the area.”

“Damn, again? Nope, sorry, just me and Bosley here. And if anyone else was walking he’d have barked, right mutt?” He pats Bosley’s head. 

I snort. Dog snort but the same idea. Yeah I’d bark, but only if I saw a cop. Funny though, them asking R.R. If they only knew.

“What does this dude steal? TV’s and that kind of stuff? The news never really says. Oh hell! What if he’s hitting up my place while I’m out here?”

“I think you’re safe. So far he’s never broken into a place with a dog. And he takes anything of value but usually smaller stuff.” The cop has been keeping a wary eye on Bosley. Now he asks, “Has he ever tried to attack anyone?”

“Bosley? Hell no. He’s a real baby, sweet as they come.”

Dropping down I bury my head in my paws in embarrassment. Me? A baby? I could take that cop with one paw tied behind me. But I guess that Rail has to say that to keep the cop happy.   

“Okay, sir. We’ll leave you to your walk. And if you do see anything out of the norm, tonight or any night, be sure to call us. We need to catch this man before he gets unlucky and runs into a homeowner.”

“Will do.” Rail watches at the cops pull away. “Well Bosley, he has a point. We don’t want ‘the burglar’ running into anyone who’s awake, now do we?” He chortles and heads back to the house. 

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