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Thursday, February 10, 2011


A while back I posted an ad via the publishing groups asking if any authors wished to post on my blog (blog swapping seems to be huge right now). Quite a few wrote me and when I responded, I never heard a reply - with the exception of one. I didn't think the requirements were that bad. I just wanted people with a sense of humour and who are into sex to contribute. Hell - you'd think half the planet would've asked, but sadly nope. Sex still remains a touchy subject I guess. LOL
Anyway, the only person who seemed to understand what I was looking for was newbie author, Edward Kendrick. And after a few emails back and forth (a little ranting and joking around) he agreed to post @ BRB a couple times a month! For the first post, I've interviewed Ed, as an introduction. His next post will be solo on February 25th! So please give him a warm welcome. **I can hear the crowds roar**

1. Who is Edward Kendrick? Tell us about yourself.  

I am the mysterious person behind the curtain. –grinning- No. According to my official bio I am: Born and bred in the wilds of suburban Cleveland, I earned a degree in theatre and headed straight to NYC. Waiter was me, well aside from a brief stint at an off-Broadway theatre. Finally seeing the futility of trying to become rich and famous in the Big Apple, I joined VISTA and ended up in Chicago working at a home for troubled boys. From there it was on to Denver where I’ve been ever since, working as a designer at a costume shop until just recently. I started writing about four years ago when I joined an on-line fanfic group and discovered I truly enjoyed it. Since then I started my own loop with two friends and have branched out into writing primarily m/m stories, both semi-erotic and just ‘romantic’. My first book, 'Everyone's Man', is being published by Silver Publishing. It will appear on Feb. 19th, 2011.

2. When did you know you wanted to become a writer?

When I actually found out I could put two sentences together and they made sense? Actually, about four years ago was the first time I really tried my hand at it, on a fanfic loop. People liked what I wrote and a monster was created. 

3. Who and/or what prompted you to write your first novel?

If you mean my first one to be published (‘Everyone’s Man’) it started as just a what-if idea I had while coming back from getting coffee. Several of my stories start from my musings while walking, or showering.   

4. Where and/or how do you find the greatest inspiration? 

I suppose my inspiration if you can call it that, is the desire to give the people who read what I write some enjoyment, as cliché as that sounds.

5. What made you chose to write M/M literature in particular? And is there any other genre you’d like to write? And if so, why?

A dare started me writing M/M, a long story for another time. After the first one I discovered that I liked the idea of writing something that didn’t need to have the ‘gushy’ factor that M/F seemed to require. Since then I’ve done some M/F and ménage ones and managed to avoid going all ‘romance novel’ in them as well. 

6. Which appears first when contemplating a new project: A character, the plot and/or the title?  

It really depends. I think, usually it’s the idea for a story, the what-if factor as I said before. I take the idea and run with it and where it goes from the first few paragraphs is always a guess. I generally know how I want the story to end, but getting there can take really strange twists and turns and they sometimes lead to a completely different ending than I first envisioned.

7. What’s the hardest part of a novel for you to write: Beginning, middle and/or end? Why? 

The end, which is my own fault. I will get what I want told written, and then have to decide how to finish the story without it sounding like a complete ‘it’s over now, live with it’. LOL

8. Has your own life influenced your novels? And if so, how? 

It has to the extent that some of my stories involve street kids like the ones my son would bring home with him when he was in his teens, telling me that they needed a safe place for a night or a couple of days. Others come from my theatrical experiences.  

9. Writing sex scenes can be a challenge for some authors. Do you find it difficult? If yes, how do you compensate? If no, where do you draw your inspiration?  

Yeah, they can be difficult, which is why I avoid them unless they are in integral part of the specific story. Trying to figure out how to get part A into slot B (be it male/male or male/ female) without being repetitious is sometimes a real pain.

10. Do you have a method you use to write the sensual parts? Do you prefer the sex to be open and bold? Or left to the imagination? 

I much prefer it to be left to the imagination unless it is necessary to show it to advance the story. I hold no great love for ‘Gee I wrote 3 pages with no sex scene, guess it’s time to put one in’.

11. Are your characters based on people you know? Or are they completely fictitious? 

I’d say about 80% fictitious; the other 20% come from people I’ve known. Not that they are in the story, but they might have inspired how I look at a specific character.

12. Who is your favourite character, which you’ve created? And why? 

That’s a hard one, because I love, or have a love/hate feeling for all of the principal characters. But I guess my favorite one is a man named Vance. He works for a covert group and is scarred by his abusive childhood. As a result he doesn’t trust women, or many others as far as that goes. He is, for almost all of his story, a true loner forced to interact with others as a part of his job. He has no compunction about doing whatever is necessary to complete a job, be it straight out killing or torturing someone to get the information he needs.

13. Can you tell us about your latest release? Give a synopsis.

My latest, and first, release, which is due out on Feb. 19th from Silver Publishing is ‘Everyone’s Man’. It’s the story of Colin Wilcox, a male whore who only handles clients of the same sex, who is gang-raped while on the job. Needing medical attention, he's taken to the local ER and is befriended by one of the doctors. While he's recovering physically, reoccurring flashbacks of the attack provide small images of his brutal rape and he’s forced by Detective Keyes to handle the emotional fallout of being victimized. 

Detective Keyes, a rape victim himself, is assigned to solve the crime. When a second boy is gang-raped under what appears to be similar circumstances, he needs Colin‘s help to catch the perpetrators. In the process, he tries to use his own personal experience to help Colin understand he’s not to blame for what happened.  

A slow, but sure, friendship unfolds between the two men that blossoms into love, stunted by the traumatic event.  When the perpetrators are finally in custody,  Colin has to move forward, and the next battle is underway. He must learn to lower the barriers that will allow him to let Detective Keyes into his life for both mental and physical support. Only then will the two men be able to consummate their tender passion.

14. What’s your newest WIP? And when we can expect a publication date? 

That is a good question. I have a file full of completed stories. I submitted one to Silver, but only a few days ago so I don’t know if they’ll accept it or not. 

15. How many novels do you have, that are currently published? Please list all the publishers, so the readers can locate you. 

Only ‘Everyone’s Man’ which is coming out on the 19th of February at:


16. Where do you see your writing career in the next five to ten years? 

Believe it or not, I have no visions about where it will be that far down the road. I could hope people will recognize my name and like what I write, but only time will tell.

A short excerpt:

Colin’s eyes widened when he saw the man standing there. “Damn and double damn,” he muttered under his breath.
Bill had to agree, although he wasn’t about to say so. If this was the detective, and the badge he was flashing said it was, he was definitely not fifty, nor fat. Quite the contrary. Bill figured he was in his mid-twenties, and obviously lean and muscular.
Keyes waited, a slight smile on his face. Finally, he broke the silence. “May I come in?”
“Sure, sorry. You weren’t quite what we were expecting.” Bill stepped aside to let him in. “I’m Bill Snider. The young man over there is Colin Wilcox.”
Keyes nodded as he crossed to look down at Colin. “Do you mind?” he asked, pointing at the empty space on the sofa.
Colin shrugged, watching him cautiously now.
Keyes sat and took out his notebook, flipping to a blank page. “I’d like to know what happened. You don’t have to go into details if that makes you uncomfortable. I just need to know how and why you ended up with those men.”
Worrying his lip, Colin glanced over at Bill. When he received a look of encouragement, he began telling the detective how he’d first met the man who had been instrumental in his rape.
“You never saw him before that evening?” Keyes asked.
“Nope. He was a new client, or at least new to me. We met in the room, he…” Colin swallowed hard. “I won’t do the S&M scene or bareback. A bit of light bondage is my limit. He wasn’t happy about that. He got angry, pulled a knife, I got cut, and got the hell out of there before he had a chance to do anything more.”
“He came with a knife. That’s interesting.”
“Interesting?” Colin chuckled morosely. “More than interesting I’d say.”

* * * * *

“Can I ask a question, Detective Keyes?”
“Of course, and call me Dane.”
“Okay, Dane.” Colin smiled shyly at him for a second before getting back to what he wanted to know. “This kid they killed, was he in the business too?”
“At the moment, we’re not certain. We’re still trying to locate family or friends to find out more about him.”
“If he’s a whore like me, you might be shit out of luck,” Colin told him.
Keyes winced a bit at Colin’s bluntly calling himself a whore. That elicited a tight smile from the young man.
“That’s what I am, Dane. Why sugarcoat it?”

Edward's links:

Great interview, hun! And I love the excerpt. I think you're going to just fine as an author. Thanks so much for dropping in today - I can't wait for your next post! Edward and I swapped today. You can check out my article at his blog: http://edwardkendrick.blogspot.com/
Remember it’s Valentines this coming Monday. So I've tried to create an extra special post to celebrate! I hope you have someone you’re sharing the day with. Of course I’ll be out with the hubby. And as you’ve probably noticed I’ve been revamping the blog yet again. I’ve added new content to the Yaoi/Eye Candy and Novel pages, plus another entire page OVAs/GN – take a look!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy Yaoi Hunting ^_^!!
Blak Rayne


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