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Saturday, February 26, 2011


The Beautiful Thing About Going Down
By: BLMorticia

Hello readers and welcome to the sexy part of a post I did not that long ago for the Valentine’s Day celebration at whipped cream about going down.

Now, there I had to keep it PC but here, I can be my very, uncensored self since the lovely Blak Rayne has giving me, well, free reign. *laughs*

Okay, so what is it about sucking cock or muff diving that’s fun? Is it the tongue, maybe you are into pain and like the nibbles or the feel of the grazing of your lover’s teeth on your genitals. Whatever it is, surely, this is something that I feel you must do to give the ultimate pleasure to your partner and vice versa.


Fellatio – Oral Stimulation of the penis

Ooh, I’m hot already…why? Because I do love to give my man his pleasure. I use everything to make him happy. If I had the piercing like this man has, that might even be more fun but instead, I improvise. What else besides your mouth and the things in it can make your man squeal like a bitch?

1. Ice – Ice is a chiller, literally, but I have tried this on my man. I had it in my mouth while giving him a blowjob but I did not do it right away. I let it melt a little and though it is a shock to the system at first, it was better once it melted in my mouth and he got used to the temperature.

2. Whipped Cream – Messy but fun! Just think of your banana split and add a cherry for extra affect. Like I said, it’s sticky but hell, that’s what showers are for.  

3. Other sweet things like honey, chocolate syrup – Oohh…this is good. Make it a little cold or a bit warm, don’t burn him unless he’s just that kinky.

4. Wrapped it up in scarves, something soft – like silk, his necktie, your negligee. That adds to it. The whole key is what he feels and pushes him over the edge.

5. Cock rings – Oh yes, my kind of language. He can stay erect makes for a big mess later but erm, again, shower and bath.

To make the fellatio experience even more fun, tie him down, restrain him in handcuffs, even cover his mouth and eyes just to make things even more interesting. This is the part of sexual play that all of us should enjoy, be creative!


Cunnilingus – The act of stimulating the female genitals

Whew, oh yes. We have made it to the receiving half for us ladies and our partners whether they be male or female.

There are so many terms for it; muff diving, eating out, clam chowder, carpet munching. Whatever you call it, how can your significant deny you the feeling that gets you off almost as quick as a good fuck? What? Uh uh, sir, down on your knees. I had one like this that had an issue and well, he was promptly shown the door.

All of what was discussed above about what you can do applies here too because as long as it is done carefully, he or she, can use the same techniques on you. What I’ve also experienced is when you use other things to get her off. Fingers and toys are good aids in getting her to squirt. Again, use your noggin.

Now, of course, when you do an article like this you must speak about safe sex and good hygiene. Now, I know when you’re all hot, things such as this go out the window but really friends, both acts should be with someone who is disease free. When not sure, protect yourself. Dental Dams and condoms may be needed when you do it for the first time. Why the hell would you want to catch something because you’re not smart? C’mon people. Enjoy yourself but use your head and men, not the one between your legs when it comes to this.

So friends what have we learned? Going down is essential in a relationship, in my opinion. If it doesn’t bother you that your sig doesn’t do it then good for you but personally, for me, that is a deal breaker.

Who says he’ll be hard all the freaking time? When he isn’t, he can improvise by going down and giving you the pleasure you deserve. Erm, we have babies, we have periods, please, we need to be rewarded.

And on the other side, so does he since he has to deal with your crazy ass all day.

This has been BLMorticia, alter ego of Sharita L…keep enjoying yourself, safely. J

Sorry BL, I just had to add one of my photos. **he he he he** Hope you don't mind? Thanks for the great article this weekend! Love it! BLMorticia will be posting regular @ BRB every second weekend! Have a great weekend everyone! We're off to a friends place for drinks and a game of cards. My short personal story made it to Queer Magazine Online, which you can check out at the following link: Why Are All The Good Ones Gay? Also I've written a short article titled 'Erotic vs Porn' What Is The Difference? @ Romance Writers Behaving Badly

Happy Yaoi Hunting ^_^!!
Blak Rayne


  1. Oh Yay!!

    I love that pic... Thank you!

    :) WOOHOO!

    I love doing this already. I think BL will take over the reins at BRB, she loved doing this...

    Thank you for giving me the pleasure!

    S.Lira aka BLMorticia/Rawiya/Michael Mandrake

  2. Down woman! LOL Thnxs for allowing me to post your article!

  3. Wowee!! Looove it. Ooh gurrl, I'se hott!

  4. @Blak, LOL thank you.

    She is excited you are allowing her to do this.

  5. @Avril,

    It was the convo we had in Wicked Sexy the other day! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Love the photo. Good info especially on practicing safe sex.

  7. Hey Blak!

    Wonderful photos! And excellent content as well.


  8. Thanks, Lisabet! Glad you like! ^_^!! Not only do I aim to please I aim to make you breathless at the same time. LOL

  9. @She,

    Thank you. I try to aim at pleasing as well as being educational, glad you liked it!