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Monday, January 17, 2011

What's In A Title?

You're an author and you have to write constantly - and I'm not just talking your novels. I'm talking blog posts, perhaps articles, you've got to Tweet and Facebook. It's called self-promotion. But what else must you do to sell your novels? What is the most important draw aside from your writing skills? Could it be choice of genre? Your pen name? The book covers? Blurb? Excerpt? If you picked any of those things you're on the correct track. But stop and consider this for a moment. When you walk into a bookstore (yes even though we're in age of the microchip, real books do still exist) and you're glancing over the aisles and aisles of books, what is the fist thing you notice? I know, book covers are essential as part of the first attention grabber but also the...TITLE! LOL

No book would be complete without one. 'How important is a title?' You ask. Very. Okay you see the cover first, it could be the colours, a symbol or maybe a character on the front - but it catches your eye then you read the title don't you? Unless you're searching out a specific author and in that case you already know the title and it doesn't count! The title may infer as to the content of the book or it may be elusive but either way it has to grab your attention just as much as the cover. Both go hand in hand like a finally tuned instrument and an equally fine piece of sheet music. Because if you can't capture your audience, the odds of them actually reading the blurb or opening that book are slim to none. 

Titles aren't an issue for me, just like characters and dialogue. Nine times out of ten the title is there. It just pops from my lips. I've got a note book dedicated exclusively to titles. Soon as something comes to me, I jot it down along with a brief one or two line summary. This way I don't forget. That's how I do my blog posts and articles. And that's how the majority of my stories come to me! 

The cover and title should compliment one another and they must grab you. I wish you could see my house, I've got shelves full of books and some I ended up purchasing simply because I loved the cover and title. Believe it! So next time when you sit down to write really consider your title! There's that old adage 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. It's so true and the same can be said for a title! 

Please take a good, hard look at the four books posted below. I've removed the author's names and in no way is this post a reflection of their writing capabilities. 
Nice title and a simple but eye catching cover, bright - love the red hair against the white. I find this book appealing and would probably take a peek inside.
Title does nothing for me, not sure what to think and I find the cover too bright - too busy. Not very appealing at all.

Decent title and I do find the cover attractive in a mysterious way. It draws me in and now I'm curious.  I'd at least read the blurb.

The title pretty much sums it up.

In news, I'll be posting some yaoi probably mid week (back to the basics). Also I'll be debuting with Red Lipstick Journals this coming January 21-2011! As well as posting on January 25th. Stop by and take a gander! Soon as my article is up and running I'll add in the link! On January 30-2011 I'm interviewing author Annie Alvarez! 
I hope everyone had a great weekend - it's back to the grind for me and millions of others. This is payroll week as well as billing, very hectic and tiring. Don't you just loathe Mondays?? LOL Have a great day tomorrow!

Happy Yaoi Hunting!!^_^!!
Blak Rayne


  1. Love titles that catch my eye. Takes me two seconds to come up with one for my stuff. Sexy titles are what pulls me in, the the overall cover then finally the blurb.

    Nice post :))

  2. I love titles that grab me as well! :D Wonderful post, Blak!

  3. Titles draw me in. Put a colorful cover on it and I'm all over it. That's how I started reading Mitch Acevado's Felix Gomez series--X-Rated Bloodsuckers, The Nymphos of Rocky Flats, Undead Kama Sutra--how can you not pick up those books?

  4. Thanks ladies! And I'm in total agreement - give me a good cover and great title and I'm in!