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Friday, January 21, 2011

Just a Tease! New Excerpt & Announcements!

I thought I'd take a break this evening from my usual blogging and put up another excerpt from Devotion 2! I'm waiting patiently for my next novel edits to be completed then I can post an excerpt for Master of Illusion. I'm a Virgo and we're anal about having everything in order and looking as perfect as it can! LOL And anyone who's under the same Zodiac sign will totally sympathize with me on this one. I will literally spend hours mucking with my website, blog and posts. I'm enough to drive myself crazy!

There's lots happening this year, especially within the next three to four months. I'll be working two blogs (BRB & RLJ) plus trying to finish my Benevolence Series and three novellas. My novella The Fallen is going to be featured this spring @ RLJ! I can't wait! You're going to get to read it! And I've interviews galore - OMG what a blast it's going to be! 

Here's the list for next week and February:

- Jan 25th I'll be posting an article for RLJ and here on BRB
- Jan 30th Author Annie Alvarez is stopping by (and what a sweet lady)!
- Feb 2nd Author Dena Celeste (a total doll and funny) is stopping by.
- Feb 9th I've got author and artiste Dakota Trace answering some questions. She created the cover for my novella - The Fallen and it's awesome! This lady has talent!
- Feb 11th. Will be a surprise! I've got someone new to the publishing scene posting @ BRB and a big announcement!
- Feb 16th Amy Romine, a dear friend and rockin' author will be here! This woman is a marvel - she does it all, helps other authors, writes, promotes and puts up with my stupid questions! Love her dearly!
- Feb 18th I'm posting @ RLJ
- Feb 23rd Jacqueline George, multi-published author from Down Under will be here.
- Feb 25th Another surprise!
- Feb 26th It's erotica versus porn - I'll be posting @ Keta Diablo's blog!
- Feb 28th Drea Becraft - young and up-and-coming author! And while her interview's posted here I'll be @ RLJ!
- And of course I'll be posting in between! LOL

Holy cow...I never realized how much I booked until I reread my own post. Yep, the next month is going to extremely hectic! Just the way I like it!!^_^!!

Now onto the goodies of the hour...
As promised another excerpt from Devotion 2!

Literary Nymphs 4.5/5!
Night Owl Review 4.5/5! TOP PICK!

This was part of the excerpt I read on Blogtalkradio!(Okay no need to relive the horror!) LOL

Reeve blinked as the door closed. “Shit, he is not a happy man.” He pushed the twentieth floor button and looked at the swordsman’s blank expression. “What’s up? You look to be in deep thought.”
Slade had a fist to his mouth and the other arm across his chest. “Hu…”
“Speak before I grow old and I can’t ball you anymore.” The large man squished the commander into the corner with his pelvis, then his palms touched the walls. “I’m hard, sweet cheeks…and I want to love you.” Reeve bent down and kissed Slade’s collective features, then his hand slid to the man’s crotch. 
Slade didn’t seem to care or notice that he was being molested. Every time the cowboy kissed him, his head lightly bumped the steel wall. 
“Do you want a blow-job?” Reeve whispered, then with a devious smile, unsnapped his belt and tugged his jeans open.
Slade vacantly stared at the man. “Can you not see I’m busy here, cowboy?”
“Yeah, and so am I,” he retorted with a hand down the swordsman’s pants, eager to grope.
“Let go.” Slade wiggled away and did up his jeans. “And bloody don’t do that!”
Reeve sighed, folding his arms. “Don’t do what.”
“That look. Whenever I deny you sex, it’s always the same look. You pout like a spoilt child.”
“I’m not pouting, I’m just downhearted, blade boy, because once again I’ve been denied. I hate it when your friggin’ job rules this relationship.” Deeply hurt, Reeve eyed him then stabbed a reproachful finger. “It’s been five days since we’ve had sex—five days, sweet cheeks, and I miss you! Don’t start this shit again!”
Slade was about to refute the statement, but stopped midstream. Reeve was absolutely right. He was getting dangerously close to slipping back into an old and nasty habit.
“I’ve done my part and I’ll continue to do so, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna make an effort and you’re not! I went to counselling for us! I promised to control myself for us! And I’d appreciate it if you’d do the friggin’ same!” Reeve sniffed and when the door opened, he was gone like lightning.
Slade had to jog to keep up. “I’m sorry.” 
Reeve flung the apartment door open and the swordsman was on his tail. He unclipped the gun holster and dumped it inside the hallway coat closet.
“Wait a minute! Shit—would you listen?” When the cowboy ignored him, the smaller man had to keep his cool. “Fine. You win. I’ve been a cold prick lately. But it’s hard to change a lifetime of bad habits overnight, cowboy, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”
“Yeah, I know…” the large man plunked down on the bed with a shirt dangling from his fingertips. “I overreacted, sweet cheeks. I’m sorry, too.” 
The swordsman crouched between his legs, searched his eyes, then kissed him. “Has it really been five days?”
“It has…” Reeve smiled, then shoved the shirt into Slade’s nose. “Smell that…is it bad?”
Slade jumped away, quickly waving a hand in front of his face. “Phew! Holy crap that shirt is rank!”
“I guess I can’t wear it again, eh?”
“Ah no, it deserves to be cremated.”
“Oh well. I’ll find something else to wear for tonight.” Reeve shrugged, blasé as ever, then tossed the garment up over his shoulder and it landed in a corner. 
The swordsman grimaced. Their bedroom stunk of dirty clothes and he was about to comment on that fact when the cowboy stood up and stripped naked. Slade couldn’t help himself. His eyes were drawn to the man’s muscular thighs and bulging crotch. Every piece of Reeve’s wonderful anatomy was blessed. Slade’s mouth began to water and he felt a twinge in his dick.
“What are you doing?” He was fast to avert his line of sight.
“I thought, I’d have a shower before we leave.” Reeve sauntered into the en-suite bathroom.
Slade heard the water start. Suddenly, he was hit with a brilliant idea. Racing into the dining room, he snatched a red rose from the vase and Reeve’s hat from the couch, and a squeeze bottle of liquid chocolate from the fridge, then sliding back into the bedroom, he fought to get undressed. Putting the rose between his teeth, the swordsman bounced around, trying to get his boots off. There was one thud then another and the belt came next. Scrambling to dump all the dirty clothes into the hamper, Slade cleaned up the room as fast as he could and made the bed. With the rose in his mouth, the black hat on his head and the bottle of chocolate sitting on the bedside table, he climbed into position in the centre of the mattress. He heard the taps shut off. Slade casually leaned back against the massive wood headboard fluffed with pillows and then pulled a knee up and draped the black sheet between his thighs. He tried to look as enticing as possible with an elbow notched behind his head.
Reeve was drying his hair when he entered the room. 
The swordsman smelt the rose and piped up with an overly low voice, “I’ll only ride a stud and I heard you’re the biggest stud around these parts…”
The towel lowered bit by bit and Reeve looked toward the bed. A sly grin parted his lips and he tossed the towel away. “Oh, I’m not only the biggest, I’m also the best.”
A suave smile formed at the corner of Slade’s mouth and he looked out from under the rim of the Stetson. “Prove it.”
Reeve’s knees landed on the edge of the bed. He was anxious and energized, and he watched as Slade ran the rose from his chin down to his swollen groin. The velvet petals were like a stimulant against the cowboy’s skin and his entire body shuddered with anticipation. 
“I’ll prove it…” his chest heaved. “I’ll be anything you want me to be…” The large man bent down and his lips touched the swordsman’s calf. “I’ll be your stud.” 
Slade quietly laughed when the cowboy pulled him down to the end of the bed. 
“Holy shit, sweet cheeks, I don’t know what you do to me, but I gotta have you…”

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