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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Sadness...

Well it's over (the blogtalk interview) and the adrenaline has finally subsided. Now I feel so exhausted. I'm dying for a cigarette and bed. It's amazing how a case of the nerves can make you so incredibly tense.

Here's how my day went. I worked out in the morning. Drank my water and checked emails. Then I had a shower (primped and preened myself). After my soak, I went out for a Chia Tea Latte with the hubby (at Starbucks). As usual he offered to pay, but I said 'NO!!!' I was feeling generous this morning! LOL

For the better part of the day, I was doing fine then - WHAM! The last few hours before the interview I was literally checking the time every few seconds. I tried to preoccupy myself with writing...uh hu even the sex couldn't control the savage beast!

Fifteen minutes to go and I had to go to the bathroom - yes would you believe it (what's with that?)! Then the sweaty palms. I phoned up the host ten to the interview and we talked. She was great and explained how things would work. I was so nervous and the strange thing is, I assumed my biggest stumbling-block would be the part where I read my BCB and excerpt - but NO!! Sadly, every time Linda talked her voice lagged on my end so I sat there listening to dead air and so did everyone else!!!  And then when I did catch the question my brain went to mush... (is this God's sense of humour I ask?).
Of course the usual suspects were in the chat-room to taunt and tease me, and YES you know who you ARE! I won't give up any names...ahem( Meaghan, Jax, Robin etc...) LOL 

By the end everything turned out all right. I actually felt pretty good but unfortunately when my sarcastic wit came back to me, it was too late. I wanted to say thank you to everyone in the chat room and those who were listening online! Your support was greatly appreciated and I am sincerely thankful.

I've added my interview link to this post, so if you missed it you can have a listen. Don't laugh too hard please! LOL Ah well as they say better luck next time!

I've got quite the line up for the months of January and February. Not only do I have an awesome author interviews, I'm scheduling in a manga artistry team and an editor. The others I'm keeping a surprise. Also I'll be posting more excerpts from my novels and some great things from the groups I'm a member with - Red Lipstick Journals and Wickedly Sexy Writers! This year is going to be a busy one! 

If you've got a chance seriously check out RLJ - what an awesome group of ladies! Fab articles, excerpts and stories! And Wickedly Sexy Writers is just the ticket if you're a newbie to the publication industry! A great bunch of authors!

Both groups links are listed under my 'OTHER LINKS' tab in this blog!

My next blog post will be ready for Wednesday!
Have a great evening folks!
Happy Yaoi Hunting! ^_^!!
Blak Rayne


  1. LOL, I giggled when you said your brain turned to mush. Didn't seem that way to me, you did fine. Great reading voice, not so manly I'm afraid. ;-)

    Thanks for the WSW plug!

  2. I'm always mistaken for a man on the phone, but my daughter said last night I had my feminine voice working! LOL Whatever that means...
    Not a problem and thanks for listening hun!