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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Interview With Author Nix Winter!

Please welcome to my blog - the multi-talented and lovely author, Nix Winter! Yaoi lover extraordinaire! LOL A woman after my own heart! It's been an interesting road thus far. I constantly meet a wide and unique variety of authors, but I've never met anyone that has self-published so many novels as this author has. Is she a marketing guru? Is there something she knows that we don't? Should we all be self-published? Those have been my questions and hopefully she'll have the answers or at least pass on some invaluable insight. Anyway, I'm going to stop chattering and allow you to enjoy the interview!

1. What a unique name - I have to ask… Where did the name Nix come from? Tell us who Nix Winter is. (She’s a sexy lady with pink hair!)

Sexy man :) Well, more so than not. I’m FtM at the start of transition, thinking about it and all, but that’s a huge other story! The name Nix... It got it while I was in the army. It was the name of the Greek goddess of the Night, mother of Sleep and Death, sister to Nike and Nox. I wish it was more masculine sounding, but really, that’s more me than say Nick. I’m kind of that in the middle androgynous type. 
2. Here’s the biggie! (And no – pull your minds out of the gutter please)! When did you know you wanted to become a writer?
When I was very little I made up stories for my little plastic animals. I loved those little plastic things. When I was a little bigger, I wrote on scraps of paper when I could get them. I won my first writing contest in fourth grade. When I was twenty something, I sold a comic to the local grocery store (read.. talked them into giving out the comic to their customers), but then I realized I draw like crap... so I decided I was a writer.
I don’t think I ever decided to become a writer...I just always was one. I kind of fancy that I’m the reincarnation of Voltaire, but then I’ve been suspected of delusions of grandure. 
3. Who and/or what prompted you to write your first novel?
My first novel was horrific... codependent vampires and elves.... >.<  I was motivated by this novel writing contest I found in the Writer’s Handbook. It was the first time I made it to 50k. I didn’t win. The novel wasn’t publishable. Maybe I’ll revisit Nikolai someday.
4. What is your greatest inspiration?
Oh good heavens... what isn’t inspiring? Everything is inspiring!
5. You’re a yaoi author. I know what this is because (we’re two peas in a pod)! LOL But can you tell everyone what it means to be a yaoi author? And what separates you from the mainstream m/m authors?
Slash is more the roots of m/m as it is most often written. Slash is more about men being with men. Yaoi is a little more gender bending. As a lable, yaoi has been owned by alot of groups in the last few years and they’ve all seen it just a little differently. Sometimes people want to really stick it with hard concepts of seme/uke (top/bottom). I had one publisher tell me that yaoi meant sex, sex damn it! Yes. *makes face*
Like any foreign word for a concept less concrete than ‘cup’, meaning fluctuates and breathes with nuance.  For me, if the characters are more of a mix of feminine and masculine, probably too pretty to be manly manly men, then it’s closer to my yaoi.
Which doesn’t at all mean that regular men won’t enjoy my stories. They very well might. What is really lacking in my stories is the fragile rescue-me uke and the devoted and powerful seme. My characters are more balanced with each other.
6. Do you follow the traditional Uke – Seme pairings within your own writing?
Hahaahhah. See question 5.  And there you have proof that I don’t read the whole test and then answer the questions. Though I have learned that when the top of the test says, “Read the whole thing before answering” it’s a trick.
But no... I’m big on egalitarian relationships.
7. Tell us about your latest release?
I Hate Christmas is my most recent story.  The story is my second Christmas story with the Morgans. Tay has always been rather angry and rebellious. His dad is a very hippy preacher, very love everyone kind of person, but he was gone a lot when Tay was little. So Tay grew up thinking that all Christians hate gays. He tries really hard not to be gay, but it’s a lost cause when he meets Daniel (Shadow of Wishes - included in Meet the Morgans).  Daniel had been held as a sex slave all his life, but once he gets free in L.A., marries into Tay’s family, he is more than happy to adopt Peace’s belief in God, at least on the surface.
In I Hate Christmas, Tay has been transferred from vice to homicide and he’s thinking about leaving the police force. He’s angry that Daniel believes he was rescued the previous year by the ghost of Tay’s mother. It’s a little bit of a Wonderful Life kind of story... and I should just like to point out that the streets of L.A. can be very dangerous places.
8. What is your favourite mainstream yaoi couple? And why?
Favorite mainstream … um... Fai and Kurogane from Tsubasa Resevoire Chronicle is at the top of the list! I like Sasuke and Naruto. I utterly, utterly adore Heero and Duo. Aya and Youji are also really big for me.
9. Do you reading while writing your own novels? Are there any authors who have influenced your own style over the years? If so, name a few.
I fear I don’t read that much. The last book I really wanted to read was your Devotion, and I haven’t even gotten to read it. I want to try to write three novels this month, a short story, publish two other people’s works, do five levels of French in sixteen weeks, and I need to get some covers done for Intoxicated Intentions....
I used to read a very great deal though. I love C.J. Cherryh, Robert Heinlein, Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer, and Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchette (I freaking loved Good Omens).  The stories I buy and read these days are more by Clamp than anything done in the west. I love manga. I wish I could draw well.
10. What’s the hardest part of a novel for you to write: Beginning, middle and/or end? Why?
The hardest part to write is the part that isn’t working... which can pop up anywhere.
11. I’m sure some people don’t realize, but Nix is self-published. Which I think is so wonderful! Why did you choose self-publishing? What do you feel are the pros and cons to self-publishing?
I’m also traditionally published. My little publisher, SLPP, now publishes other people as well. Self publishing is a pretty big topic. Some people take that to mean vanity publishing, which is one of the worst things to ever happy to books or to people. Some person goes through all the sweat and struggle of making a book, then for some reason they end up giving crap tons of money to some company, which then produces a book that few people are likely to read, that does not really enhance the author’s reputation, and doesn’t do a book’s primary job of reaching people. What vanity press does is give jobs and money to people who didn’t write the books they’re publishing (I didn’t say selling).
Self publishing is what Shakespeare did. He created his story and he presented it to the public because he had enough balls to do so. Of course, his art form was the play, not the novel. Others wrote down his plays and sold copies, but that didn’t follow the fancy traditional publishing setting we have now either. Benjamin Franklin self published too. Which means he wrote his work and got it printed, bound up, not with the idea of just aggrandizing himself, but with the idea of people actually being able to read it.
I can write a novel, trade someone something to get it beta’ed, make a cover, format it, upload it to various outlets, do my own promo, do more promo, rinse, repeat.
When I got picked up by the first publisher to take an interest in me, I got horrible covers, fought endlessly with my editor, until I got along too well with another editor (who ended up accused of plagiarism @.@). I’ve had publishers miss spell my name, miss publication dates, and god only knows how many sales actually happen... because I can’t see the sales stats.
Now, I am working on some stuff to submit to a couple different publishers. I want the advance. I need the advance. I’m living off my writing now and hunger is probably good for me (I’m overweight and if I were thinner I’d look more male), but I don’t really like it.   But unless a publisher can offer me an advance and/or a much stronger market, they don’t have anything to offer me that I can’t do myself with less hassle. I don’t need them to tell me I’m a good writer or I’m okay. I have my readers and my family for that.
12. Because of the genre you write–you had to know this one was coming… Do your own sexual experiences influence your writing?
Yes, of course. That’s why I don’t write m/f worth shit. I’ve been in heterosexual relationships as the female in the pair. Most of my former partners are really good friends of mine. I think the world of all of them.  Most of my writing is about how I wish sex and love was, what I long for, not what I’ve had.
13. Do you find it difficult to right sex scenes? If so, why?
They’re easy. The characters just live whatever it is they’re doing. :)
14. And here’s my final question, Nix… Where do you see your writing career in the next five to ten years?
I want to move into doing historical non-fiction. I would really like to do an article that I could get into a peer reviewed article. I want to draw manga. I want to make movies! I want to translate works into French and Japanese. So many great things to do!

Thanks for spending time @ my blog Nix! It was great having you here! ^_^!!
You can also read an interview I did for Nix @ http://www.nixwinter.com/
I really liked the questions - the interview was different and a tremendous amount of fun!
For all my upcoming interviews and chat info, just look at the top of this blog - you can't miss my updates as I've done them all Christmas cheery to match my background design. Snowflakes are so cool! Love it! 

Robin Badillo is next! (The sexy, southern gal!) I have asked a couple of other authors to do interviews and they've agreed. We just need to fix dates - but I'll announce those soon. And I'll be joining two chats this month, one with my fellow authors @ eXtasy's Christmas party on December 11! Don't miss it! Another @ Beth Wylde's Chat!

There's so much going on I can scarcely keep up. Oh and not to worry I'm digging out the Christmas recipes and some holiday jokes to post. But for now I'll say goodbye!
Happy Yaoi Hunting!
Blak Rayne


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    Thank you for coming by! It was a fun interview!
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