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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chicks With Dicks?

I know what you're thinking... OMG this woman is sick! Sick! Sick! No my sweeties not sick, just really confused - thus the title of todays blog. Just last week I was on Amazon and decided to read some reviews on a number of different erotic novels - since that is the genre I write. I wanted to find out what people (the general public) thinks. Well hold onto your panties, yes it's horrible and almost brought me to tears, but there are a lot of people that have labeled the characters in our novels 'Chicks With Dicks'.

'Is this a disease??' - you ask. LOL 'Are they all transvestites??' LOL No. But it's become a term used (I feel) very unfairly to label the characters of our creation and yes I'm talking about us the erotic authors. 'What is a chick with a dick??' - you ask. Well, this is a derogatory term used to describe, usually one of the main characters in a gay or m/m erotic novel, that is too feminine. Yikes! (sounds like a little yaoi to me) LOL

I found that most who left comments were dumping all m/m erotica into one pile, when in reality there are many different formulas (if you will) that are used to write homoerotica/gay romance. And I'm not talking about the type of sex in these books, I'm referring to the type of pairings and the chemistry between them. Some readers prefer a more feminine character versus a tough-ass. Hey - each to his own, right? I don't believe just because there's a bit of romance or when the men in these novels show passion towards one another, as in caring for one another or real love making that it's an automatic chick with a dick! This rash generalization is disturbing. I can order my coffee black, decaf or with an extra shot and this is no different for gay novels. You've got fluff, romance, erotica, yaoi and hardcore, and they're all different.

I'm a woman, but a bit more rough and tumble than some of my friends - does this make me a dick with tits? Okay, don't answer that! I repeat LOL don't answer that! ^_^!!

And here's the real disturbing part...there were authors actually writing back and trying to convince these reviewers that they didn't write such non-sense! Other authors actually said they wouldn't write like that for fear of losing their fan base and still others said they'd change the way their characters act! The reviewers should remember...yaoi, just as homoerotic fiction, was originally written by women for women. And plain and simple, women have a different perspective on gay relationships. This isn't to say there aren't some excellent male writers of homoerotic fiction - there are! 

Aren't we suppose to write what we feel from within? Is writing not an expression of self? No matter what you write you're not going to appeal to everyone.

To be truthful I find the term crass. Well those were my thoughts on that subject. What do you think?

Next on the menu... I received an awesome review @ Literary Nymphs for Devotion 2! 4.5 nymphs - even better than Devotion! LOL

You can read the review by hitting the link in the title of this blog! Or cutting and pasting here >>

This review made my day! :D

In other news my publisher eXtasy is celebrating Christmas! Dec 11-10 you can meet up and chat with us chicks with dicks authors LMAO Sorry, I couldn't resist. Anyway, for all the info you can click on the eXtasy ad in my blog or website! We're giving out some awesome prizes! 

Happy Yaoi Hunting! ^_^!!
Blak Rayne


  1. I'm glad you can take it all in stride and not let it affect you. People just have to label everything in black and white, don't they, when there are so many gray areas that people don't get!

  2. An excellent post! I am tired of people posting reviews that are nasty and negative. If you don't like a genre, don't read it. There are plenty of books to choose that those negative reviewers can find something to like. I read a lot of m/m and enjoy it. I don't care if one of the characters is more feminine than the other. It is the author's prerogative to write their story, their way.

  3. Well said - and thank you for the comments!

  4. I can't even begin to imagine how that must feel-reading those stuff. I can only tell you to each his own, for every one person who has something negative to say, there are two who love and enjoy what you've created.

    I recently read an m/m from a particularly popular author where the men were steady crying, even the apparent Alpha of the couple. It turned me off because I realized since I've read more than one of her stories that this was status quo. I grimaced and commented out loud about it, but overall I liked her stories so no harm no foul. I just gloss over the waterworks :-)

    I take my m/m any way I can get it.
    P.S. ^5 On the great review B.T.W

  5. Thanks Avril!
    Like you said - each to his own!