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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Awesome Reviews & Updates!!

Good evening everyone!
This post is going to be a short and sweet because I still have Christmas material to share and time is ticking! Today I was writing away and pop! My email bell rang. I receive emails all day long, ranging in numbers of fifty or so, to in the hundreds (yes hundreds). Most come from the groups I'm affiliated with, but everyone once in a while some are actually addressed to me, personally. And today I received two! I've discussed ratings and reviews before, and we all know a bad or not-so-good one can leave you a little downhearted - but not today! I'm thrilled to share, that both my novels Devotion and Devotion 2 received excellent reviews from NOR (Night Owl Reviews)! If you'd like to read them, hit the links below!

Devotion received 4/5   http://www.nightowlreviews.com/nor/Reviews/Lilyraines-reviews-Devotion-by-Blak-Rayne.aspx

Devotion 2 received 4.5/5 NOR TOP PICK! http://www.nightowlreviews.com/nor/Reviews/Lilyraines-reviews-Devotion-2-by-Blak-Rayne.aspx

Also, I was with Sharita L yesterday, chatting @ BethWylde-yahoogroup and it was awesome! We had a great time talking with readers and others authors. Avril Ashton stopped by and Drea Becraft. We had Christmas contests running and handed out some great prizes. It really was a lot of fun (LOL the sexy Santas!) - thank you Sharita, for inviting me! Loved it hun! We'll definitely have to do that again sometime real soon! And thank you to everyone who joined in. It was nice meeting you all. Anyone I missed - perhaps we can meet next time. ^_^!!

Also I've got a new banner! That's it to the right. And if I don't say so myself - I love it (he he he)! I had this other one, but yikes. It just wasn't as pretty. I love sexy men kissing. That's got to be the biggest turn-on ever! I've been changing my banner everywhere...Twitter, Blogspot, Google, Blogtalkradio and so on. I'm sure you'll see it popping up here and there! Which reminds me...I must change it in my Yahoo ID and groups. Ah the life of a Internet whore! LOL

I'll be updating my pictures in Photobucket soon! I've been saving up because I'd rather post a whole bunch at once. It makes life that much easier.

Next on the agenda is my Christmas post and latest novel! I'm almost done. Yes...after months of labouring away my series 'Benevolence' is nearing completion. Plus I have two other novels in the works, which should be out early next year! One's a surprise! Busy little beaver, I know! LOL

And just a quick reminder. I'll be interviewing published author Andi Anderson on Jan. 1-2011. Gosh 2011... Where does the time go?? Before I know it I'll be too old to have sex any more (OMG) did I actually say that out loud? He he he just kidding sweeties! I've got years to go before that happens!

Have a great evening and until next time...
Happy Yaoi Hunting!!

(I'm beginning to sound like a talk show host LOL) >.

Blak Rayne^_^!!


  1. Aww, love it. A great intro into the holidays. And...loving the banner! I'll be stealing it to put on my website, linking back to you of course, when I finally update.

    P.S. You do sound kinda like a talk show host at the end there when you sign off. Just a tad *wink*

  2. Thanks hun. It's always nice to hear from you! Glad you liked the post!