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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kiss Of Fire

Katou & Iwaki Reading 'Kiss of Fire'
Youka Nitta is well known in yaoi circles. She has become unbelievably popular and has a number of series accredited to her name, as well other solitary works, OVAs, Art Books etc., such as Embracing Love, When A Man Loves A Man, Cherished Spring, Winter Cicada and so on. Youka Nitta's Embracing Love (Haru wo Daiteita) is an awesome yaoi manga series, that also has an OVA set. It is probably one of her most popular works and also the the longest running. 

Haru wo Daiteita spans years and is almost like a soap opera, the way in which the story and lead characters evolve over time. Youji Katou (the blond) and Kyousuke Iwaki are both adult film stars. After meeting and doing a movie together, they fall for one another; (Katou) the younger of the pair, relentlessly pursues Iwaki, until the older man gives in. Iwaki is reserved and at odds with his family and his personal life is non-existant. Katou is bold, strong, young and up-and-coming. Katou's family are very accepting of their homosexual relationship. And from what I gathered, both men weren't homosexual before this, they'd always dated women. 

For as much as I've read of this yaoi (and there's a lot) both men are faithful to one another and their bond is pretty strong. This yaoi is very addicting. A very enjoyable read. I would suggest that if you're interested in this series you should definitely read the manga first before watching the OVAs. As usually happens, the OVAs (short animated movies) are a very cut up version of the manga and don't do the story near the justice it deserves. 

One other thing, I've been reading yaoi for years and I must say, it's hard to find one with a half decent plot, attractive characters, great artistry and loads of steamy sex! LOL Most will lack in one department or the other. But this one has it all! And I'm talking explicit sexual content! BAM! I'm talking in your face, make you blush sex! LOL

Art Book
And that brings me to the item I purchased from Ebay... Youka Nitta's Art Book called 'Kiss of Fire'. This book is as the title attests! It's just a load of great drawings of Katou and Iwaki in full colour. The book is large approximately 8x12, heavy paper, nicely bound and of course reads from the back cover to front as any Japanese book. There is some Hiragana, but most is also translated in English as well. It isn't a book to read, but strictly for visual stimulation! LOL
Love it! 

I've added some pictures of the book and others of Katou and Iwaki (what a smexy couple)!

Happy Yaoi Hunting ^_^!!

Blak Rayne

You can guess... LOL

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