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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BL Movies - 2

Yesterday I watched another Korean BL movie titled, ‘A Frozen Flower’. This two thousand and eight film is a historical drama and it wasn’t quite what I expected. Whenever I watch an OVA, anime or anything else I try my best to keep an open mind. I’ll view any movie and this includes a subtitled import provided it contains three key elements…the movie must have a decent plot, the actors must be able to act and the film must be presented well. As far as preference, I have a soft spot for historically based films, the odd romantic comedy (one that actually makes me laugh), animation, fantasy and sci-fi. Supposedly this story is based on historical fact. I don’t know for certain and I can’t vouch for that. But it was interesting.

To give a brief summary, the king of the Goryeo Dynasty in Korea is in trouble because the Yuan Dynasty of China is trying to establish an autonomous state. The King fears for his life and throne, so he picks thirty-six young soldiers to be his personal bodyguards. The commander of these guards is a man by the name of Hong-rim.

The only way the King can protect his throne and establish an self-governing state is if he has an heir. From what I gathered in the movie, he’s homosexual and in love with the commander Hong-rim, and isn’t able to make his wife, the queen, conceive. Over time the threat of losing his throne worsens and he’s forced to send Hong-rim to make love to the queen instead, in the hopes that she’ll conceive. He does this out of trust and because he believes the commander will do anything for him. Unfortunately the sexual contact between Hong-rim and the queen creates feelings and they begin to see each other in secret.

The relationship is a problem. There’s a significant amount of deceit of course and as the story progresses each person involved, the king, the queen and commander are all forced to make desperate choices. I won’t say any more. I don’t want to spoil the movie, if you choose to watch it. But I will say this…the setting and costumes were great! Overall the acting was good except in a few scenes–specifically the love scene between the king and commander. It seemed like the two men were over compensating and I almost felt awkward for them. The script wasn’t the greatest, leaning more towards satisfactory, but to be fair so much can become lost in translation. Other than that it was a decent enough film, though not a personal favourite. Warning: it is R rated. There is explicit sex, nudity and fairly graphic violence.

Getting away from the topic of my blog, as promised, I’ve taken pictures of my latest Ebay purchases. Yesterday I received Kizuna – Bonds of Love Vol. 8 (a manga) and the Kodaka Kazuma Shitajiki (Japanese pencil board)! Kodaka Kazuma is the lady who created the yaoi manga ‘Kizuna’ (among many others). And it is beautiful! I’m so thrilled! The signature is authentic near as I can tell! It’s approximately 10x12 in size and made out of a thick plastic, and there’s additional markings/writing on the back.

Until next time – have a great day!

Happy Yaoi Hunting!!
Blak Rayne ^_^!!

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