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It's Raining Men

'Breaking barriers and giving expression to the gay community.'
Welcome my dear friends, readers and compatriots in the industry, as you can see I have another brand new edition to BRB! And I'm jumping up and down excited about it! I've joined, and I'm also helping to maintain IRM, the brainchild of erotic author Michael Mandrake/Rawiya or as others know her, BLMorticia. This brand new blog will be strictly for M/M authors - first and foremost, and others such as M/M artists, photographers etc from the gay community. This is a first. There are no other blogs solely dedicated to M/M authors! As time goes on I'll be adding more information to this page, but for now you've been introduced! The fixed contributing writers to IRM are Michael Mandrake, Ike Rose, Edward Kendrick, Catriana Sommmers and myself Blak Rayne. Other authors such as, tour de force, Andrew Grey, SL Danielson and Sloan Parker have graciously agreed to contribute as guests. There are so many great writers prepared to be a part of IRM I can't possible list them all. The grand beginning will be on April 1st 2011!

'Veni, Vidi, Vici!' -Julius Caesar 47 BC
'I came, I saw, I conquered!!