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Monday, February 24, 2020

Renta - Missing Content #article #ebooks #manga #mustread

Renta - Missing Content

Let's get one thing straight, I don't complain too often, but I do get my knickers in a knot when a company doesn't deliver and I'm paying for it. 
For those of you who don't know Renta! is an online manga reading site. Basically, you purchase, in most cases, a chapter at a time of the manga or the entire book. Now, this isn't rocket science. If they charge per chapter they make more money and so does the author. Not only are the prices getting ridiculous, but Renta! is not delivering the FULL goods. 

Let me explain...

If you do a bit of research it isn't hard to find the original Japanese version of any of the books they list. Also, it's not difficult to find English versions either. This means I know how many actual chapters are in the manga.
On average, out of every five manga Renta! publishes, only three are ever completed. This means they just decide to drop the manga (quit publishing it). I assume it has something to do with sales and the cost to translate. Others have said it's due to the author's publisher if they drop it. But that's bullshit because the mangas have already been published in Japanese.

So, here's the thing. I'm sick and tired of purchasing partial mangas and never reading to the end. If I buy to read, I want to read the WHOLE STORY. I'm also tired of them omitting the extra pages and little half chapters. These are bonuses added at the end of many mangas; some give an update of the characters' lives, some are humourous, and so on. Many of the mangas don't have these either.

Did you read that Renta!?

Okay, to be fair to Renta! maybe some of the manga that are dropped is for a legitimate reason... But I find it difficult to believe.

In other words, I don't purchase much from Renta! anymore. I research then wait to see what they publish, and I check the cost. At least June, Sublime, Amazon and anywhere else that distributes manga eBooks sell the book in its entirety. In closing, I'd like to say there are many other manga reading sites that provide better prices and better service. 

Blak Rayne

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