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Thursday, September 14, 2017

New Release! Embrace the Reaper #mmromance #killers #series #gayromlit


Embrace the Reaper

‘After duplicity comes vengeance. And vengeance is death.’


Once captured inside the Golden Valley Amusement Park, Zeus and Brody are taken to the End Life facility, where both undergo a battery of tests. Zeus is repeatedly assaulted, tortured, and demoralized, forced to experience what Brody had to endure during his time in Doctor Gunter’s care; gradually his perspective changes. Killing just might be the answer. Killing might set him free.


“What a brave soul. Earnest will rip him to shreds.” Günter stood in the middle of the blood, a dealer of antiquities admiring his collection of priceless objects. “See, I told you. You have no qualms when it comes to facing any threat.” He pointed an accusatory finger at Brody. “That whore owns you.”
Brody slowly lifted his gaze.
“Don’t bother denying it. What happened to that fire inside of you? It used to burn so brightly. It’s as if you’re a different person. Distant.” Günter sighed, slapping his palms on the tabletop. “Keep ignoring me, and I’ll castrate him, so he’ll never experience another orgasm again.”
“What would you have me say?” Brody asked evenly, clenching his jaw.
“I want you to obey only me!”
He turned to the older man. “Release him, and I promise to stay.”
“What do you take me for? I know you’d do anything for him. It’s apparent by your actions that you feel for him.”
“I’m incapable.”
“No. You’re not.” Günter shook his head. “I never thought you’d betray me,” he said bitterly. “But that whore has awakened something in you…something I never could.”
“Please, David, release me.”
“Earnest is frothing at the mouth. All you did was antagonize him. You should’ve killed him when you had the opportunity.”
“Zeus comes first. I had to protect him.”
“God, it’s sickening how you go on and on about him. You’re obsessed.”
Brody watched Günter pace the room with hands loosely clasped at his lower back, and his own thoughts were tugged away by the darkness. He’d told Zeus once: Needs must when the devil drives. He knew the only way to get out of the room was to verbally prostrate himself. So he set aside the one sentiment that fueled his wrath. Brusquely, he approached the older man, grasped either side of his face, and searched his pale irises, easing into a kiss. “I promise I will make you my bitch. However, I must kill them first. A clean slate. It’s the only way.”
Günter stared at his mouth, acknowledging the affection with a grunt.
Brody reached behind the man’s back, confiscating the gun. “Tell me to do it,” he goaded quietly against his lips. “Tell me to fuck them up.”
“God, do you know how hard I am right now?”
It was simple to detect Günter’s excitement. All he had to do was get close enough, allow his senses to absorb the data, then his computer like brain would analyze it: raspy, agitated breathing, dilated pupils, skin radiating pheromone infused heat, and a rosy complexion. The doctor was a sexually frustrated mess. If it were Zeus panting and all feverish, Brody would have fucked him right there on the table. But the older man did nothing to rouse his libido.
“I know.” He breathed hot on the doctor’s Adam’s apple, and Günter swallowed. Then he took the torment a bit further. He spread the doctor’s thighs with his knee, nudging his swollen crotch, and the man landed on the edge of the table, sliding the piece of furniture with his weight.
“Don’t tease,” Günter groaned, eyelids fluttering.
“Say it.”
“F-Fuck them up,” Günter urged with the eagerness of a child.
Sliding the bullet chamber, Brody let him go and grinned. “Everyone will die.”
“So long as it’s you, my sweet, I don’t care.”

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