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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

King of Snowflakes - Michele Fogal #gayromlit #dreamspinner #mmromance #mustread

Welcome to BRB, everyone! I’m a member of the RWA-Greater Vancouver Chapter, and I attend a writer’s group bi-weekly. Not long ago, I met gay romance author Michele Fogal at an RWA event held at the Vancouver Public Library back in April. We talked, exchanged business cards, and have since communicated via email. Ms. Fogal sent me one of her books, and I can honestly say, I’m glad she did. She's a talented lady. 

King of Snowflakes is a story about Skyler and his classmate Ryan, and what I’d label as a slice-of-life, coming-of-age sweet romance. Skyler is a gay teenager who’s just had his heart broken by an older man. Adding to his depression, he puts up with a lot of flack from the other guys at school while trying to maintain control. When out of the blue Ryan imposes his friendship on Skyler. Learning to navigate the pitfalls of romance is a struggle for anyone, but trying to navigate sexual frustration and preference is another. But Ms. Fogal did a superb job. Her choice of words painted a clear and very realistic picture of what it means to be young and falling in love with mixed feelings. Skyler’s anxiety, shame and emotional highs and lows were vivid and heart rendering, and every intimate moment between the pair, unforgettable.

Both Skyler and Ryan are endearing, however, I found myself more drawn to Ryan. He is an honest character, flawed in yet perfect, and not too ashamed to admit to his mistakes. In my opinion, he makes the story. He truly is a prince, who deserves to have a relationship with Skyler. Unfortunately, the plot is predictable, but the way I see it, it’s immaterial. What matters are the emotions the characters evoked in me as the reader, the fear, and the apprehension, from the first page to the last. I got caught up in their world like I was seventeen again. Ugh! LOL Five stars!

I am a Love Story Novelist, in both SF & M/M Romance, a mother, a story addict, an endless student and a drooling xenophile. Michele Fogal refused to learn to read as a child, but once she got started, she was completely hooked. She did a degree in Creative Writing straight out of high school, and received the Roy Daniell's Scholarship for Creative Writing and the Norman L. Rothstein Memorial Scholarship for poetry. Then her biological clock went off like an air-raid siren, and she left the starving artist world behind in favour of a corporate job with benefits to help pad the nest. When her kids were born, her passion for stories about hope and love resurged with a vengeance. Now, she is fusing worlds - writing love stories by night and running her online Communications business by day, while she lives with her kids and the love of her life in Vancouver, BC. Her home is nestled on a rainy mountainside at the edge of the wilderness, but within the limits of a coastal city. The local overlap between urban technology, wild biosphere and various cultures has given her the opportunity to see how diverse elements can converge into something new, unique and sacred. 

Happy Yaoi Hunting!
Blak Rayne

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