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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Walk on the Wild Side - Jacqueline George #article #erotic #romance #adult

Sometimes when I am reading books set fifty years ago or more, I have to stop and wonder about sex. How did they manage? Rock music and The Pill – what a revolution they caused. We can do all sorts of things now that used to be illegal, or at least highly unlikely.
Really – we’re so much freer. In most places you can now admit to enjoying oral sex without getting pilloried or thrown into prison. (There are a few places where the fundamentalists of various religions still make life difficult, but they shouldn’t understand what we are talking about. I mean, where did they learn about it?)
Just about anything goes nowadays, and we can be curious about anything. Like gay sex, for instance. We can manage gay romance. We all want romance in our lives, and how different can the gay version be? Gay sex, well, we don’t know but that’s not going to stop us being curious. Not that we want to join in, you understand, but a little peep behind the curtain – who wouldn’t be fascinated?
What goes on behind that curtain? I’m certainly not going to ask my gay friends. I know about the mechanics (I think). This bit goes in there, rubbing that bit in just the right way gives spectacular results, but what about the atmosphere? All the men I know are barely concealed sex maniacs, so what happens when you get two of them together? I’m surprised they find time to eat dinner.
There is just so much to explore…

One Evening in Bangkok
This was Bangkok, and there was food around every corner. They stepped out onto the street through the friendly crowd of girls and katoeys hoping for a rich foreign lover.
“Busy place,” said Gina.
“Well, yes, but why not? It’s all in good fun.”
Gina thought about that. “Would you ever pick up a girl from the street? Or whatever?”
Greg smiled at her clumsiness. “Possibly whatever. And no, I don’t think I would. Not when there are so many places where you can do it more officially. This place do you?” They were standing outside a brightly-lit restaurant called Seven Seas. It looked clean and did not have lines of beer-drinking foreigners sitting at the bar.
They sat down and scanned the menu. Already a girl appeared with two beers, and returned to bring small saucers of sliced bird’s eye chillies in clear vinegar.
Gina raised her glass to Greg. “Here’s to a good meal.  Thanks for rescuing me, Greg. I don’t think I would have been brave enough to come by myself.”
They had already started their second beer when the food arrived, green soup with prawns, spiced in the way that only Thailand can manage. Gina ate gratefully. It had been a long time since lunch.
“So, where are you heading now, Greg. Out clubbing?”
Greg avoided her eyes. “Ah well - if you can’t go clubbing in Bangkok...”
“Must be a bit of an adventure, I imagine.”
“Yes and no. It’s all perfectly safe here. They even have special police just to take care of tourists. On the other hand, you’ve never seen clubs like the ones here. Really hot, and relaxed at the same time. Suits me.”
“Um - gay clubs?”
“All sorts. Straight, gay, katoey, whatever you fancy.”
“Transsexual. You know, shemale. Women with dicks.”
“Really? Clubs for them too?”
“Well, clubs full of them. The customers are male. Mostly male, anyway.”
This was a world Gina had not even imagined. She played with the word. “Katoey. Sounds strange, but I guess they’re strange too.”
“Not so strange. Just girls with a bit extra, that’s all. And they have a male sex-drive too. That makes them more interesting, I suppose.”
“Have you ever..?” She did not know how to finish her question politely.
“No. I never did. There never seems to be time. And besides...”
Gina did not want to intrude, but she could not stop herself. “I suppose if you want male, you want male. What are the gay clubs like?”
“Hot, mostly. Super hot, compared to home, but then - everywhere is hot compared to Adelaide. Some of the shows are good. Really good, and the guys are, well, they turn me on, anyway.” He sipped his drink thoughtfully.
Gina thought about the evening ahead, and her plan of spending it back at the hotel with her Kindle. “And that’s where you are going tonight?”
Greg seemed to reach a decision. “Um - yes. Want to tag along?”
The taxi dropped them on a main street and Greg took the lead. They walked to the entry of a narrow, crowded street. “This is Soi Twilight. The gayest strip in town. I hope you don’t mind?”
“Of course not. As long as it’s fun.” It was a packed neon canyon, a narrow lane with glitzy bars on each side and souvenir stalls filling most of the free space. The music drowned all thought and the bar signs were dazzling. Dream Boys, Maxis, Fresh Boys, Boys Bangkok, all impossibly bright.
Greg handed her in front of him. “Let’s just check it out. I’ll watch your back, but hang on to your bag.”
Gina pushed slowly forward, taking in the bustle around her. The bars spread onto the pavement. Western men sat watching the world go by, and handsome Thai men brought them drinks. In front of each bar, a barker tried to tempt them in.
Gina saw no girl bars. Male sex ruled. There were some Thai women on the street, some passing through and some in small giggling groups seeing the sights. Western women too, all hanging onto a man and looking uncomfortable. Gina decided she would not touch Greg or hide behind him.
They walked the length of the street and turned back. Greg said, “Let’s go in here. It’s friendly, and the show’s good.” He steered her through the chairs and tables beside the street and into one of the bars.
The room was larger than she had expected, and dark. Lights bathed a busy bar area to one side, and the loud techno music seemed to come from there. Tables and chairs filled the rest of the room, about half of them occupied by Westerners and Thais. Attractive young men served the tables, all dressed in singlets and low-cut, tight jeans.
Some-one was talking to Greg. An older Thai, slim and with a face ravaged by pock-marks. “Hello, Mr Greg. You come again - very happy. Who is your friend?”
“Mr Sam, meet Gina.”
His hand felt small in hers. “Hello, Miss Gina.  You Australia also? Your Mr Greg, he old friend here. Where you like sit? Here, you sit. I send two boys.”
Greg glanced at Gina and said, “Not two. One is enough. Is Palat here tonight?”
Mr Sam chuckled. “Oh you like Palat too much. He tell me. No, Palat, he go outside. I have new boy you like. Teera. Chiangmai boy, very nice, very fresh. I send him. What you like drink? Whisky? Singha?”
He looked at Gina and said, “I should stick to the beer if I were you. I wouldn’t trust mixed drinks and I especially wouldn’t trust the water.” She nodded and he turned back to Mr Sam.
Greg gave him something, and Gina caught a glimpse of folded money as the man pocketed it. “Ok. You buy him a drink, and send him over with two Singhas. Then we’ll see.” He led Gina to a table near the entrance where they could sit with their backs against the wall.
“Well?” he asked, “What do you think of this den of iniquity?”

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Jacqueline lives in Far North Queensland, on the shore of the Coral Sea. She keeps herself busy with her cats and garden, and by writing books - some of which are far too naughty for her own good. You can find out more about Jacqueline and her books at www.jacquelinegeorgewriter.com

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