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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Styles and Manors - A Rustic Book Review #bookreview #mustread #english #fun

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My father’s ancestry is rooted in the British Isles; he’s of English, Irish, Scotch and Welsh descent, and third generation Canadian to carry that lineage. I know, talk about a little of everything. LOL Anyway, when I was growing up my father instilled a sense of family heritage and good old-fashioned British humour. So, we watched all the British comedies available at the time as well as murder mysteries and movies. And, of course, as an avid reader his choices in genre and author greatly influenced mine. And that’s partly why I chose to read Style and Manor - Rustic tales from a Suffolk country estate. This book is reminiscent of my father's taste and my own, and a totally enjoyable read.

Continuing his memoirs of his time on Sir Charles Buckley's estate, James Aden deals with obstacles from the discovery of Roman treasure to the tramp living in the attic of Frampton Hall; he finds his days varied, especially with the arrival of Sir Charles's heir, Sebastian who provides him with insights into the life of the traditional landed estates as they slowly come to terms with the twenty first century.

If you want to read something that will make you smile, and you have an appreciation for everything British like I do then Rory Clark’s Style and Manor - Rustic tales from a Suffolk country estate is exactly the ticket. With quirky memorable characters, dry humour and heart-warming tales of escapism, this memoir/biography is truly a fun read. Adding to this, if you enjoy this book I also recommend The Darling Buds of May, which is similar in style and induces mirth. 4 Stars!

Blak Rayne

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